Reprogramming Yourself

Don’t practice until you get it right; practice until you can’t get it wrong.

Most of the time we do what we do without even thinking about it ~ and maybe the best example is driving.  We get in the car, turn on the engine, buckle up, put it in gear, and head out into traffic, towards our destination ~ and the whole process is automatic.  It wasn’t always like that.  When we were first learning to drive we consciously thought about every movement of our hands, feet, eyes…..  However, once we could actually drive, had our licence and everything, the process of driving was handed over to our subconscious mind ~ we drive without conscious thought.

In fact, 95% of everything we do we do automatically, without conscious thought, relying on our subconscious mind to run our lives.  Living consciously, living mindfully, is actually an effort.  Our subconscious mind is far more powerful than our consciousness will ever be.

The snag is, all our subconscious mind is made up of is a set of programs, and when we drive we play the ‘driving program’.   If we can play a sport well; say golf, then when we hit a golf ball we are using the ‘golf program’.  And, if we are addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, casual sex, then when we engage in those self-destructive activities we are merely using the automatic ‘alcoholic / addict / gambler program’.  Remember 95% of everything we do is controlled by our subconscious mind which is merely using a set of pre-programmed routines.

The bigger snag is that most of the programs in our subconsciousness were put there before we were about seven years of age ~ some of them while we were still in the womb.  The young mind is like a sponge, it will soak up everything, without having the ability to differentiate between good, bad, and useless.  This is why we often act like our parents, older siblings, teachers, and other carers ~ no matter if that’s good, bad, or useless.

The adult mind is not like a sponge ~ it’s more like a fortress.  To get a new belief in there is incredibly difficult.  I have a drink problem.  Consciously I can easily stay away from booze, but when my subconscious mind is in control I want to get blasted.  And, it’s no use my saying to myself; ‘stay sober….’ because I’m trying to talk to my subconscious mind ~ and there’s nobody there.  My subconsciousness is just a set of programs ~ I may as well try and talk to a bottle of booze.

There are only two ways to connect to my subconscious mind, and both are fairly difficult.

The first is to go back to the childhood mind-state, and in an adult that means entering the Theta State, which only happens naturally twice a day ~ when we are almost asleep at night, and when we are almost awake in the morning.  If you know how, then you can use self-hypnosis at those times to connect to your subconscious mind and change the programs in there.

The second way to change the programs in my subconscious mind is through what Dr. Bruce Lipton calls ‘habituation’, which is just a posh way of saying a lot of practice.  Remember learning to drive?  You did it over and over again until you didn’t ever get it wrong.  If you want a new subconscious program, then you have to consciously practice that new program, over and over again until you don’t ever get it wrong.

How long did it take you to really learn to drive?  In Europe, where it’s really hard to be a driver, months maybe.  Or how long before you got good at your chosen sport?  Years maybe.

And they are easy programs.  Something complicated like changing a complex subconscious behaviour such as an addiction ~ well it will take a while.  Reprogramming yourself isn’t ever going to be easy.

In 12-step programs they have a mantra; ‘fake it to make it’.  Try your desired behaviours for a year or so and see what you can really do to change your mind.


jack collier

just thinking is mostly pointless

we have to get off our arse and do something

14 responses

  1. 3 years and slowly getting me for a change go figure

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    1. It takes a while. ❤


        1. I’ a very cool and self-confident guy, living a really great life. ❤


  2. Great post, Jack! I love the idea of the difference between doing it till you get it right and doing it till you’re not getting it wrong.
    Delicious food for thought!

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  3. You need to work on your super-ego strength Jack;) I’m not sure whether it is possible to get through to your subconscious in the theta? Hypnogogic? or whatever state. You are in it for such a short time aren’t you? Although having said that I can go on for an hour seeing pictures in front of my eyes without their actually turning into dreams. I am not sure about meditation. Never could get the hang of it. But I would think the easiest way to overset an unwanted habit is to find a new and interesting thing to do at the time of day that the habit tends to kick in. It is easy to overlay one set of behaviour with another. Brains are designed to do this. If it were not so adults would be crawling round like babies. LOL

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    1. You may add a new behaviour, but you also have to get rid of the older, and stronger behaviour. Get a guy drunk enough, and he’ll crawl like a baby. ❤


  4. 😀 yeah. Exactly. LOL ❤🛸

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    1. Thanks Kalliope ✌❤

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  5. So much good information here. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. You’re welcome 😎

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  6. Very well said. It used to be hard for me to turn down a drink at a social event, but now I’m just in the habit of saying no and it’s not a big deal.

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    1. Some self-destructive habits begin very innocently.
      Thank you for your kind words ❤❤❤

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