No Time to Write

Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage.

I need a new plan.  The one I’ve been using this past week doesn’t work.

On the other hand, I’ve been driven by events, rather than choosing my own path.

Having your home broken into kind of does that to you.  In some ways it’s not the invasion, nor the fact that my stuff was taken, it’s all the fucking damned paperwork and admin that follows a burglary that has really been depressing me.  And, I’ll give you one very important piece of advice, never throw away any bill, or receipt, or piece of correspondence.  Keep every fucking piece of paper in organised files for at least 6 years.  If you don’t then you’ll spend forever sorting out the paperwork when some unforeseen event or disaster happens.

I just have, and mine was only a little robbery, not some huge fucking disaster.

Hopefully, things will be better for me in the next few days.

Keep safe.


jack collier

8 responses

  1. Agreed with that advice…I’m trying to follow it (at least last 2-3 years), before- was a pure disaster 😱 or maybe I just had too much money 😂

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    1. M’Lady, I suspect you jest. ❤ ❤

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  2. Take care and I hope time heals and sorts out the paperwork.

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    1. Thanks, and hugs from Marmaduke. ❤

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  3. Take care and relax no matter who comes along your path❤️ love Barbara x

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    1. Thank you Barbara 💖
      That’s good advice.
      Love Jack x ❤


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