Lying, cheating, and stealing are next door neighbours.

Sometime earlier this week someone got into the garret and stole some of my stuff.

There was no damage to my door, so at first I thought I’d just lost my wallet and cash.  That prompted me to spend a whole day searching for wallet / cash…..

But, I’d been robbed of my wallet with a couple of credit cards, my drivers licence, some other identity cards, and about £100 in cash.  I also lost my cell phone, a couple of hundred US Dollars, about 5,000 Turkish Lire, a watch, and some other bits and pieces

I’ve spent all morning on the ‘phone sorting out my banks and reporting the theft to the police.

Even then I’m not finished restoring my life ~ for example I need a new cell phone.


jack collier


I feel sorry for Marmaduke, who was alone in the garret at the time of the robbery

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  1. That’s awful but I’m pleased Marmaduke was safe. It’s just such a faff sorting everything out.

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    1. It’s an unbelievable faff. ❤


  2. I can relate,my neighbors have broken into almost every home in our neighborhood including mine. Makes you feel different in your own home. It’s funny to but not really, because theirs is the only one that has a ” No trespassing ” sign on the tree in their front yard

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    1. What’s mine is mine, and what’s your’s is mine too.
      Some people are just horrible ❤


  3. So sorry – having been burgled, can relate to the sense of invasion experienced when this happens, which can even overwhelm the loss of goods. Hope it all gets straightened out (and that they catch the culprit).

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    1. I’m finding it a bit stressful. 😢

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  4. People who lie, cheat and STEAL are the lowest scum on the planet. SO SORRY you were the target of such bottom feeders.

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  5. How awful! I hope the police catch whoever did this today! Sending healing energy to you!

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  6. That’s terrible. I hate criminals.

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  7. Oh Jack, I am sorry to hear about this! Did you lock after you left? It cannot be random strangers I suppose. I hope the culprit(s) is or are caught soon. Poor M. Big Garfield hugs for you both!🤗🤗

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