The Reality of Belief

The great task in life is to find reality.

We make most mistakes, we suffer the most, and we do the most harm when our thoughts and beliefs differ from reality.  It’s when we create stories and assumptions in our own mind which are untrue that we begin on a journey of falsehoods.  And, those falsehoods lead to; alcohol abuse, drugs, eating disorders, gambling, heavy smoking, self-harm, casual sex ~ just to find temporary comfort and the illusion that our falsehoods are true.  When our beliefs are untrue we can suffer from anxiety and depression, together with a host of other serious mental illnesses such as;  Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder.  The stress of having beliefs which differ from reality causes a raft of physical illnesses, including cardiovascular problems, cancers, diabetes, dementia, and early death.

Yet, there is no such thing as reality.

Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.  ~  Albert Einstein

It seems that in quantum physics and interpersonal relationships there is no such thing as cause and effect ~ no straight line between the past, through the present, and into the future.  Even in very close relationships there are often merely shared perceptions of the world ~ and two people may both share perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs which are untrue.  If alcohol, drugs, or mental illness is added into the mix then we get dangerous situations such as physical, verbal, mental abuse and co-dependency.

If your life is going down the shitter, if you are prey to addictions, if you suffer from a mental illness ~ then the chances are that your thoughts and beliefs have seriously differed from reality.

Einstein and other serious thinkers may tell us that reality is merely an illusion, BUT on a day to day basis we have to live in whatever reality surrounds us.  That means seeing and accepting reality as it is, and not as we wish it to be.  Reality is neutral and impersonal.  Reality has no expectations and no beliefs.  Reality is the true state of things.  There is only one past, present, and future reality ~ it is our own perceptions and beliefs which create an infinity of different versions of the past, the present, and the possible futures.

To find true reality is both very easy and very difficult;

  • be totally honest with yourself and others ~ reality is truth
  • never take things personally ~ reality is impersonal
  • do not make assumptions nor create expectations

Some say that reality is an illusion.  And that we are all just simulations living in a matrix.  All I know is that when my beliefs differed from reality I got myself into some serious trouble.


jack collier

to discover your ultimate reality requires a lot of deep thought


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  1. Ok obviously my paragraph was not your cup of Peres?


  2. Here is a lesson on what is real, if you cannot appreciate something without using the senses we humans should use more often…for example – we hold onto our diagnosis of what they tell us what is wrong with a person, Boarderline fucked up, PTSD, Traumatised by past events … in fact people traumatised ppl……. my mother , brother, father, stranger, friend, husband, child, stranger friend, etc traumatised me, you, them, it… it goes on and on…. my point is….

    Stop looking and searching in your safe fake names we all use and start using who u really are, my name is Fran and my experience s in life are based on being a women who did the best she could with what she knew… Stop using logic and start using emotion, kindness, compassion, start being honest, and real and stop treating ppl like they are lab rats and u all know better because of what ???

    Friendship is built by having no expection being open with your understand never use a judgement on another because who made u God to judge another..

    So, my dear friends yes, I said friends because kind words do start with using, feeling, emotions towards another which “could” if you put in the effort then perhaps you may I say this lightly maybe one , two, or if for some miracle 3 is lucky enough to be included … seems like a very dim prospect because each one must put in time effort… which means equal amount, of themselves to be ever appreciated …or am I being too harsh?

    Before u answer this try using a language most don’t… Emotion based responses by using kinder wiser words, share your human stories tell them who u are and always thank people because we do love a little bit of fluff, kindness, compassion, validation..

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  3. I do agree with this Jack the only way to be who u r is to be real, honest, brutal, vunrable, because ppl are fearful, especially of being rejected…

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    1. My illness makes me abnormally fearful of abandonment.


  4. Well said.

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  5. Trouble is that what makes us comfortable is seldom what is good for us. A little discomfort is sometimes necessary for our well being, especially if we wish there to be a future. So trying to be comfortable, and make everyone around us feel comfortable all the time is a bad thing. Polythene bags are comfortable, convenience food, plastic lawns, heating all the rooms in our house, throwing clothes away rather than washing or darning them, using masses of masking odours rather than cleaning the house properly. All these things are comfortable but not for many more years before the planet gives up on us.

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    1. Having the ethics, morals, and standards of a true renaissance man in this throw-away age of plastic relationships isn’t comfortable at all. And, you can trust me on that one. ❤❤😎

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  6. I don’t remember these posts. But society doesn’t draw me back. If anything I am moving further and further away from it. Humanity seems to have gone way down a long dark tunnel and I don’t want to follow; just stand and wave goodbye.

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  7. I get it frustrating as hell

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  8. Wouldn’t that be beautiful by living a life happier, unique, penned, centered?

    Then we have societies rules, what u can do and how you so want to change not to be them?

    The more you try the more it Dr asws you back…

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  9. Yes, true Jack. sounded a little as if I was just trying to start another cult. I must ask Kalliope here why she seems to think that truth is dreadful or dangerous. Surely the truth should give more hope than lies? But by truth I mean something which can always be seen as universal, and this rules out all dogma. Dogma can be very useful. It is a means to an end but it is always allegory and never reality. Real truth has to correlate possitively with every assumed fact in the universe in order to be real.
    Of course this is a very tall order, especially as scientists are even divided as to whether the universe started with a big bang or is steady state! But we should never give up looking for the truth, and should never fear it.

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    1. In the end, if there is an irreconcilable difference between others perceptions and your reality, just pack up, walk away, and watch the bloody mess from a distance.


  10. The trouble here is that almost everyone in the world believes things that are not true. There is something called consensus which people try to subscribe to, but consensus is increasingly wrong, mainly because of the influence of social media, and misunderstood science. Therefore more and more thinking people are finding that they cannot subscribe to current mainstream beliefs; that their beliefs are at variance with the society that surrounds them. When people become aware of universal lies it makes life very difficult, and the reaction of the majority is just to go along with it all, in order to remain sane. But this results in a form of self imposed dementia, where the ability to reason has to be deliberately restricted. We badly need dissenters to get together, and at least form small groups which are able to live with the truth.

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    1. Another Great Truth.
      Just remember that 2 dissenting falsehoods do not a reality make.
      Kudos. ❤❤❤

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  11. Lies give people hope. To continue the species. No thing has any meaning except the meanings we attribute to them. To have any conception of truth will undoubtedly contrast with the truth of others. We are influenced by our personal experiences, destined by demography, as dictated by the zeitgeist we may find ourselves in. It doesn’t matter what is it is not real or true, it depends on each individual and in the moment of choice. Different priorities will impact ones beliefs about what is true, what to do, what to believe, and how to live.
    The way we present ourselves is not the same as what people see. The way we view ourselves is not really real either, for we see who we want to be, who we were, what we look like, but not as we are.

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    1. To become sane we must first establish what is reality and what is a false belief.
      You know a great truth, and you express it well. ❤❤❤

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    2. to reply to Kalliope It is no good hoping when there is no hope. But it may be possible to alter something in order to make a realistic hope for mankind’s future. Just sitting back and hoping it’ll all work out is a very stupid thing to do. Surely we didn’t evolve brains of the size we have in order just to fill them with names of celebrities most of whom do nothing except be a celebrity, and dates, and ways of making and keeping up with more than a thousand friends, who know our names but who do not know anything else about us. People are learning less and less about anything other than other people. Our society seems to be rolling itself up into a ball of names, and even those who go to university are only learning about their own very narrow subject, which gets even narrower as they climb towards a phd We are a huge precarious biomass all bent simply on congratulating each other on being such a fantastically successful species. We are a bubble about to burst.

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      1. There’s no idle hope here, each individual operates out of their own individual specific hope for something… more? Something at least. Every master was once a protege, and everyone tries to reach their own little goals and stuff. My hope is that everyone’s own little webs and weavings comes together to form an enriched and harmonious level of peak self mastery but on the global evem galactic community scale.
        Ugh I’m tired. I dunno if my words make sense. I hope I said what I intended to say

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  12. We may have always lived in a life of falsehoods,because that is what made other people comfortable.

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    1. We cannot live our life based on what other people need, else we shall become insane. ❤

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      1. Hi Jack and Maxwell This is true. People who live for others and never try to attain anything for themselves, can lose themselves and be in trouble. But this does not mean that living for others is a bad thing. It is a very good thing. It just should not be the only thing. What you do for your family, or for the Earth should be respected and lauded, but it is, unfortunately often not recognized, or misinterpreted, or most frequently it embarrasses wrongdoers, who them react aggressively. For instance if I was sitting eating and strewing bits of plastic on the floor and someone came up and asked me to move my feet while they picked it up, I would probably say “What are you doing? Go away and let me do what I want.” Shaming people is not the way to go about things. You have get them in a willing mood before you can educate them.

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