Mood Swings

When you are drinking, the mood swings can be horrific.


I started drinking when I started working in the City of London in 1982.  Back then, high-powered banking was a vicious trade, swimming in booze.  And my drinking got worse when I began my role in International Finance in about 1990.  What do you do at an airport during a four-hour layover?  This has left me with a chronic alcohol problem ~ which might not be so bad if my body could still handle booze.

One strong beer will get me incredibly buzzed, and needing another drink or a dozen.  It doesn’t happen often, but even once more will be one more time too many.

Even that might not be so bad if I was a happy drunk, but I’m not.  If I drink I suffer from terrible mood swings ~ and horrible paranoia, depression, and aggression.  I take what I hear in my own mind far too seriously and personally.  Being who I am, my bad mood comes out only in words, not anything physical.  I suppose that’s one saving grace.

Perhaps the mood swings come even before I take a drink.

I know that I can’t ever touch booze again, and I need to work on that.

With the help of my higher power I may just be successful.


Jack Collier

Even one IPA is far too strong for me now.

11 responses

  1. More blessings – a courageous post. You truly get it.

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  2. We used to drink uncontrollably in our youth and frankly if I look back even without enjoying it.Now when I drink is because I feel like it, I enjoy my glass and my no heavy head on the day after.i suppose it all part or lifeand the phases you live and also is about growing up and learning your limits and what does really make you feel good, what is good fir you and what do you really need.

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  3. This drink when fills
    has the potential to kill
    brings out inner thrills
    with or without my will
    I am left exposed
    depressed still
    I will again try and fill 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment ✌

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  4. That’s such a shame given the revolution that has happened with craft beer and with gin.

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    1. I shouldn’t have either I’m afraid. 😕

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      1. We all have our vices. It’s up to us however to control them rather than have them control us.


  5. Only the prospect of a hangover keeps me from drinking too much.

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    1. I wish that stopped me? 😕

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  6. Very true 🌸 when my brother worked in the city, there was a culture of drinking and drugs. The pressure of the work had everyone heading off to thr pub after just to relax, and let out steam. Drinking becomes a reward at the end of the day. It’s so available, so people get into a rut. Blessings 🌸 🌸 🌸

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    1. No drugs for me, but a lot of booze.
      Thank you for the blessing ❤

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