Toxic Snakes Can Ruin Your Life

Poisonous people are like rattlesnakes hiding in the shadows.

Some people are naturally duplicitous and treacherous, charming and dangerous, destructive and toxic.  They are snakes who lie hissing in the grass, ready to strike at their victims without warning.  And yet, these snakes fool us all the time because they are also beautiful, fascinating, interesting, and seductive.

No matter how much kindness, love, and trust we offer the snake, it’s never going to repay our cherishing support with anything but venom.  Snake people are naturally toxic, and the wiser man will keep his distance, limiting his contact, trying to avoid the snake’s poison as much as possible.

If you are unlucky enough to be friends with a snake, and maybe stupid and innocent enough to fall for one, be aware that they will bite the hand that feeds them, and their bite may just about destroy you.  Toxic people can ruin a beautiful day, disrupt your life, torture your emotions, do a number on your self-esteem, and take every penny you have.  If you know that snake then physically, mentally, and emotionally brace yourself for the ruin to come.

Snakes have an insatiable need for attention, to have the world just the way they want it, to have you behave exactly as they wish ~ while giving you little or nothing in return.  They will complain, bitch, be self-righteous and demanding.  Snakes never pay for much, but expect your wallet to be open all the time.  And these toxic people see nothing wrong in their own bad behaviours.

Toxic snakes will usually have innumerable skeletons in their closet, have some serious personality problems, and be prone to drinking too much, gambling, smoking, occasionally taking drugs, picking up casual sexual partners in bars, being abusive….. Generally being the kind of a person it’s unwise to get close to.  And yet we do, all the time.

In dealing with a toxic snake you need to be disciplined, controlled, guarded, positive ~ and preferably somewhere else at the time.

If you recognise the snake in someone you know, or are close to, then walk away.  Walk far away, and never look back.

Some say that snakes are cool and fascinating.  And that toxic people are just misunderstood and not at all dangerous.   All I know is a snake is always nothing but a snake.


Jack Collier


dangerous toxic snakes can be beautiful and seductive

7 responses

  1. And the worst about these people is that they make you feel like there is something wrong with you, not them, but when you eventually opened your eyes you don’t regret ever to have gotten rid of all that toxic and you know there is nothing wrong with you ….the problem is all theirs 😎

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    1. I find myself apologising for things I didn’t do. 💖

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      1. Same here and then when you feel so stupid because all the signers were there but you didn’t want to see them and allow those kind of persons to make you feel bad when you had nothing to blame yourself for, except naivety.but I suppose this means we are good people right? And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger😉


  2. Dangerous with venom. Some people have acid in their character, they burn you down and destroy you completely. We do try to get away but unfortunately, it’s not so easy. Once bitten that venom and squeeze leave us pale and worried. What next? a question that swirls in our mind, like a dagger.

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    1. As playful as a puppy one minute, they will turn on you with venom the next.
      Snakes are never to be trusted.

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  3. 🐕 🤠 there’s a snake in my boot!

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    1. That’s Australia for you. 😎


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