Road Trip Arizona

Arizona is arid and mostly empty.

I’ve only been in the Copper State for a few days, but it will leave some lasting impressions on my memory.  And, not just the obvious ~ that it’s big, empty, and fucking very hot.

This is a place of contrasts; from the red desert to the high pines, and from downtown anywhere Phoenix to utterly crazy, totally living in the past, Flagstaff, Arizona continually surprised me.

Red Rock Country around Sedona reminded me of John Wayne western movies, and the high pines on the road to Flagstaff reminded me of innumerable Jimmy Stewart westerns.  Funny how one’s impressions of a place can be coloured by the film’s one watched as a boy.

But, mostly what I’ll remember about this place is that, on average, it’s empty.  There’s a lot of space with bugger all in it except rocks and heat.

I like Arizona, but the whole world is a big place, so I don’t think I’ll ever get back here.

Some say that Arizonians know what’s best for Arizona.  And, that there’s more to the Grand Canyon State than heat.  All I know is that this state is extreme.


Jack Collier

Meteor Crater has no visual references to tell your mind just how damn huge it is

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  1. Heading there soon myself. It IS HOT, but also hold fond memories with Great Friends. 💗

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    1. Fabulous ~ enjoy yourself Sweetheart 💖


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