Drugs and Loose Morals

Immorality is the natural mind-set of all politicians.

Yet another English politician is linked with using the illegal drug cocaine.  This time it’s Boris Johnson, the favourite to become next leader of the conservative party ~ the once natural party of government in the United Kingdom.  This is no surprise as just about every other contender for this top political job is also a proven (past or present) drug user.

Some say that using drugs in the past should not prevent someone from getting on in politics, effectively holding down a top job, and being a success. Some say that smoking pot does not indicate that the stoner is a bad person, a liar lacking in morals.

I disagree.  I contend that anyone who has used cocaine is dishonest, amoral, dishonest, and unethical.  To begin with, if these people have ever entered the USA, they have lied to US customs and immigration. And, I don’t want a proven liar as a potential leader of my country.  But then, all politicians lie all the time, don’t they?

Some say that all drug users are also addicted to other things; alcohol, gambling, infidelity, casual sex….  All I know is that no male politician, business leader, or top public official, has ever been able  to keep his dick in his trousers.  In my experience most men and women who use / have used drugs are also heavy drinkers, gamblers, liars, and not averse to casual sex.  But then, everyone has skeletons in their closet, don’t they?

Some say that the lawlessnes and knife crime on the streets of London can be directly linked to the non-enforcement of the UK’s drug laws by politicians and officials themselves guilty of illegal drugs use.

Some say that there is noting wrong with a dishonest, amoral, sexually promiscuous person leading a country / business / charity / law enforcement agency.  And that using drugs in the past shouldn’t affect someone’s life today.  All I know is that I prefer to know ethical, honest, clean and (mostly) sober people in my life


Jack Collier


How long before we see this on our streets again?


8 responses

  1. A debate. Starts off with how many of the politicians are clean. No drugs, no sex scandal or abuse, no black money and no killings. Very few politicians, it seems the society is no longer conscious about values. How can people have values when everyone thinks that freedom means no respect for moral behaviour. We are the prisoners of our desire. What we want we have it whether it is good or bad.

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    1. Some are inveterate liars, drug users, promiscuuious cheats, alcoholics, and serial philanderers. These people are not worth anything. A few of us have morals and are worth knowing.

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  2. I heard about Gove, but hadn’t heard about Johnson. My thoughts are that if they tried it once or twice in high school, it shouldn’t be a deciding factor in whether they are qualified for a job or government position. But, if as an adult, they used drugs routinely, even for a short time, then I don’t want them making the decisions that will decide the fate of a nation. Hugs Jack!!! ❤

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    1. My view is ‘once a liar, always a liar’.
      Hugs Jill. ❤

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  3. If you would have just called this loose morals, I would have thought you where talking about the US.

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    1. Some self-important men should learn to keep it in their pants, which ever side of the Atlantic they’re on. 😎


  4. I too would not like my leader of my country to have any criminal or drug records. In lil red dot it is disallowed for such a person to run for office. I hope my future generation of leaders continue this stoically.

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    1. Sadly it seems that drug use and dishonesty are common in England, and endemic in the USA. Le Grande Sighhhhhh. 💖😎


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