Using marijuana is deadly dangerous.

As legalization spreads, more Americans are becoming heavy users of cannabis, despite its link to violence and mental illness.  ~ The Wall Street Journal.

The resting place for alcoholics, bums, and drug users.

The ideas I want to share with you are considered subversive and ant-social.  But subversion can be a good thing.  Sometimes going against mainstream opinions is not only justified, it is necessary to counter vested interests, prejudice, error, bigotry, and bad science.  If an idea or opinion is not universally accepted, that does not per se mean that the different theory is wrong.  Galileo was denounced for suggesting that the Earth orbited the  Sun.

There exists today an extraordinary denial of the clear links between cannabis use, mental illness, crime, and violence.  For what is the real difference between pot, cocaine,  heroin, and sundry other dangerous psychoactive drugs, all of which lead to the untimely death of someone?

As many Americans are regular users of dangerous psychoactive drugs as there are Americans who drink booze every day.  And the cannabis used today is far stronger than it was is the 1970s, containg more than 10 times as much THC now than it did back then.  ( The psychoactive ingredient of cannabis is TetraHydroCannabinoil.)

Some of the effects of THC on the brain are a lowered IQ, an increased risk of psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoia, delusions, hallucianations, losing touch with reality, reduced cognition, impaired and false memories, and a hell of a lot of ‘neural noise’. THC also totally fucks the brain’s pleasure / reward systems, suppressing self control, leading to increased appetite for food, booze, sex, more drugs…..

Using marijuana has detrimental physical effects causing breathing problems, cardiovascular dangers, intense nausea and vomiting, weight issues.  If a pregnant mother uses cannabis she is seriously damaging the foetus in her womb.

Marijuana users experience; lower life satisfaction, poor mental health, poorer physical health, and serious relationship issues.  These effects are very long term / permanent, even if you are / were an occasional user of this insidious drug.

Personally I would never get involved with any marijuana user, or indeed anyone who abuses drugs of any kind.  And, addicts of anything are infinitely more dangerous than someone who is clean and healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

Just a couple of examples of cannabis fuelled violence: #1 the Islamic terrorists who carried out a devastating attack on innocent passers-by on London Bridge on the 3rd of June 2017 were all habitual users of marijuana, #2 the despicable youth who deliberately drove into a young girl in Utah on Friday 31st of May this year was high on a mixture of cannabis, Xanax, and booze.  He  killed the 11 year old girl on purpose.

Some say that marijuana is a relatively harmless drug.  And, that the weed never hurt anyone.  All I know is that using marijuana means that someone is going to die an untimely death.


Jack Collier

Growing this in England is illegal,

but nobody cares anymore.

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  1. Disfunktional Mom | Reply

    Hahaha 😂


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  3. hahahahaha. WOW!

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  4. The whole concept of marijuana is a weird one, people often see it as cool and socially acceptable. I don’t get it

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    1. Pot isn’t cool, it’s damn dangerous,


  5. I consider habitual users of pot the same as I consider people who need booze to function ~ addicts. I never wanted to date an addict. When a man said he never did hard drugs but “only” smoked pot daily, I had to give him a swerve. Unfortunately, my ex did revert to his addictive ways that he supposedly gave up in his 20s.

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    1. Good for you.
      Anyone who smokes pot on a regular basis is not worth knowing. 💖

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      1. Anyone who is as closed minded but so obnoxiously confident he knows what’s best for all of us is not worth listening to and certainly not worth knowing.

        BTW, I love the art, as I’m sure all of you out there did, showing us all where we’ll land – skid row – if we do not heed the words of the great Galileo of 21st century. Lol, He compared his so-called anti-establishment post to the work of Galileo’s work in the ??? century. Far out, huh?

        Ladies and Gents, Mister Galileo, declares the devil’s weed to be dangerous, destructive, and deadly. Sounds a little like the chant from the Wizard of Oz – doesn’t it ?
        Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my.

        It just hit me. Maybe Mister Galileo may secretly dream of being burned on a stake? Anyway, moving into a saner lifestyle, yes, my lifestyle, I’m going to roll one and watch some Monty Python.

        P.S. Please be careful finding your way out of the forest. After all, there are lions, tigers, bears, and a lot of bullshit in them woods.

        Goodbye and peace, if you’re prone to such things.


        1. Whoops, forgot to look up what century Galileo operated in. T’was the 14th century.


  6. Great post – thanks for speaking the unPC truth.

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    1. Maybe it’s time someone did. 💞

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  7. How dare you show and tell us the bad side of fun things. Also congratulations I have nominated you for a sunshine blogger award. I nominated you because I never know what to expect when you put out a post. But whatever it is it is normally fascinating. Congratulation

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    1. I try to tell the hard truth, although some don’t like their cosy delusions shattered.
      Thanks for the great comment. ❤

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