Songs on Saturday ~ Substitute

A substitute is only ever second-best.

Some of the time I feel as though I’m a substitute for someone else.  There is no substitute for true friendship or real love.  Sadly, some think alcohol-fueled casual sex is the same thing.


jack collier

she’s either getting drunk,

or looking for sex with a substitute for her regular partner,

or both.

8 responses

  1. This post is worrisome as you’ve only just arrived.

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    1. No worries, I chose this song a while ago, and it describes a lot of my life. 💞


  2. Casual sex is sometimes great fun. No alcohol needed!! It is a joining of friends to play. Unfortunately, sometimes strings get in the way.

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    1. With you, anytime, anywhere ❤❤😎

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      1. You are adorable!

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  3. That kiss on lips was not meant for me
    It had an intensity that was shared with thee
    But when eyes are closed and the heart is weak
    those are the times that feel the need
    to find another soul

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    1. Utterly Beautiful. Thanks 💖😎

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