English Words You’ve Never Used

All slang is a metaphor, and all metaphor is poetry.  ~  G.K. Chesterton

Most Americans will never have heard or used some of the words I grew up with.  Although the words I most hear used around here these days are fuck and fucking.  Catch-all expressions for the chronically stupid and uneducated.  So; sprinkle some of these colloquialisms into your lexicon.

    • Arse           ~  backside, a stupid ineffectual idiot
    • Aye            ~  yes
    • Bairn          ~  very young child
    • Baccy         ~  tobacco
    • Bait            ~  packed lunch
    • Beck           ~  stream
    • Bog            ~  toilet
    • Brasso        ~  an adjective for very bad beer, metal polish
    • Cack           ~  shit
    • Cadge        ~  borrow and beg
    • Canny        ~  pretty damn good, also clever and prudent
    • Clarts         ~  runny mud
    • Class          ~  beautiful
    • Divvent      ~  don’t
    • Doon         ~  down
    • Dyke          ~  ditch, unattractive lesbian
    • Fettle         ~  fix
    • Geordie     ~  Native of Newcastle upon Tyne
    • Gob           ~  mouth
    • Gormless   ~  stupidly lacking in ability and initiative
    • Gully          ~  big sharp knife
    • Haporth     ~  next to nothing, almost worthless, contraction of half-penny-worth
    • Hoy            ~  throw
    • Knackered  ~  tired, weary, broken
    • Lug             ~  ear
    • Lum            ~ chimney
    • Marra         ~  very good friend
    • Minging     ~  disgustingly smelly
    • Mortal        ~  very drunk, also ‘mortalious’.
    • Nebby        ~  nosy and intrusively curious
    • Netty          ~  an earth closet toilet, any toilet
    • Nick            ~  steal
    • Nowt          ~  nothing
    • Numpty      ~  ineffectual idiot
    • Pallatic        ~  very drunk
    • Scran          ~  food
    • Sneck         ~  hasp or catch
    • Spelk          ~  splinter
    • Stotting      ~  bouncing, as in ‘the rain is stotting down’
    • Telt             ~   told
    • Tyke            ~  a Yorkshireman or small boy
    • Wazzock     ~  annoyingly stupid ineffectual idiot
    • Wanker       ~ arrogant and contemptible ineffectual idiot, a chronic masterbator
    • Wor            ~  our, or my
    • Yakker        ~  manual worker

Some say that all slang is bad.  And if the Queen doesn’t use a word, then neither should I.  All I know is that I like to surprise and baffle Americans with my very English vocabulary.


jack collier


it’s only the Union Jack when it’s flown on the jackstaff of a warship

6 responses

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  2. Great lesson! We have people here with last name “LUM” – Chimney..😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can call them chimney or sooty now. 😁😎❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol!! I am sure I will be given a sooty look when I do call them that! 🤣

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome new words to add to my vocabulary. Of course, I use the word “arse” a lot in many forms of derogatory aims at a few that really piss me off. Thank you for the new words and their meaning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool, and you’re welcome. ❤ 😉
      Although I would have expected you to say 'ass'.


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