Negative Emotions

Cultivate love within you and negative emotions will disappear.

Negative emotions are so all-pervasive that doctors will now prescribe drugs like Prozac and Valium to patients who are merely feeling mild anxiety.  Really negative emotions, such as; anger, boredom, confusion, despair, disappointment, fear, grief, jealousy, resentment….. are extremely powerful and painful.  Medication, and self-medication such as booze, are no solution whatsoever.  Go down that road and you will become hypersensitive to your feelings, and take more and more of the drugs of your choice in an attempt to medicate them away.

This is just treating the symptoms, and it doesn’t work.  I should know, for many years I had a pot-mess of those negative feelings running through my psyche.  And none of those negative emotions did me any good at all.

So, what takes people back to the doctor, the pharmacy, the drug dealer, and the bar?  Not to mention the casino, the refrigerator, unsuitable relationships, and casual sex.  Escaping painful thoughts and negative emotions drive people to do stupid things, all in an effort to find a pleasure rush that will ameliorate those bad thoughts and terrible feelings.

There is also the thought that just one drink, or one piece of cake, or one small wager wouldn’t hurt at all.  Besides, you’ve been pretty good all week, so one little slip is OK.  Forget that, escaping really negative emotions takes a lot more than just one drink, or one night fucking a stranger.  And the guilt you will feel, (even if you don’t acknowledge that guilt), will make your bad feelings worse.

Your mind will tell you that you might as well give up on losing weight, staying sober, being good, because it’s pointless.  You will never get better, just take another pill and have another drink.

To truly escape those negative emotions and bad feelings you have to find another way.  This might involve a 12-step group, talking therapy, or completely changing your lifestyle ~ more exercise is good.  Try walking 10,000 steps a day.  Mostly, stay away from those people, places and situations that encourage you to do bad things that will only feed your negative emotions.

Some say the way to escape negative emotions is to turn to drink.  And that moving home and finding new friends is the solution.  All I know is that running away never solves anything.


jack collier

get out the back Jack

make a new plan Stan

no need to be coy Roy

11 responses

  1. Very wise words. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Your last sentence says it all and you can’t run from your emotions. They will always catch up and sometimes you have to face the demons. You are a wise man my friend, you know already. 💙

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    1. Accepting and understanding emotions is maybe the only way to stop negative feelings ruling your life. ❤ ❤

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      1. I am pretty sure you are right my friend. ❤️ be well

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  3. I think you need to go through those deep emotions. But never make a decision with them. Let them pass. No feeling last always.Great post

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    1. Thank you. Strong emotions are best accepted, then left alone. ❤❤😕

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  4. Emotions are the royal road to the soul.

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  5. Great blog! It takes courage to relief all the negative emotions and it’s ok to feel vulnerable!

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    1. Thanks. Feeling vulnerable is very uncomfortable for me. 💖

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      1. It will get better! It’s the first step to getting stronger 😊

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