Stress and Being Overweight.

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.

Stress can kill you, but in an older women stress is far more likely to drive her to comfort eating and hence pile on the pounds.  For most women less stress, or better stress management, is the key to sustainable weight loss.  Of course, for older women the menopause doesn’t help with controlling your weight at all.  There is evidence that there are changes in the brain chemistry of a menopausal woman that triggers a shift in her metabolism, causing her to overeat.

Looking for comfort food; cakes, chocolate, pizza, bread, burritos, donuts, (or drinking too much), is a common occurrence among woman of a certain age ~ of any age when stressed if it comes right down to it.  These high calorie foods and booze do pile on the pounds ~ particularly unsightly belly fat.  It’s all to do with insulin, and this energy dense stuff spikes your insulin levels, which only makes you want to eat more.

The environment doesn’t help much, there are countless fast food outlets, supermarkets promote more expensive energy dense foods, and there’s a bar on just about every street corner.  Rule #1 is stay away from fast food places, and rule #2 is that a woman on her own should never, ever go into a bar.

Associating unhealthy food and booze with good times is something your brain will program into itself, and rule #3 is that you must work hard to break that programming.  Eating unhealthy food and drinking too much booze doesn’t mean you are cool, in fact quite the opposite ~ you are perhaps pushing being an unattractive lazy person.

The really important thing for women to learn, accept, and practice is how to manage stress.  And usually it comes down to:

  • Delegate More.  Stop letting your family and friends push you into doing everything for everyone.
  • Be Creative.  People with a creative interest are much less stressed that those who don’t have that worry-free time.  Why do you think art therapy is such a big thing in rehab?
  • Take a Walk.  Walking is bloody good for you; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Aim for 10,000 steps a day.
  • Talk to People.   And don’t go into a bar to find someone to talk with.

Some say that the change made them overeat.  And, that their happy place is the refrigerator.  All I know is that fat people often get very sick.


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regularly eat healthy and nutritious food

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15 responses

  1. Typical…a man telling women how hideous they are with weight . Mind you the man has been able to eat whatever he wants everyday of his life. Woman has been judged for every crumb she eats.


    1. This post is actually about managing stress.


  2. Good post – to add to your remarks, the food industry has created so many products full of additives and lots of hidden sugar, disastrous for both health and weight. Plus, people are programmed/persuaded to buy/eat more by commercials on television and social media. To develop healthy eating habits requires strength of mind and purpose because of the degree to which people are surrounded by suggestions to the contrary everywhere they look. But it can be done, and it’s rewarding.

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    1. It seems that the food industry, from farmers, to Monsanto, to companies like Heinz neither want us to eat well or healthy. I’ve even taken to reading the small print on the back of cans and packets. ❤👅

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      1. Exactly. There’s a good film on amazon, I think it’s called Fed Up, that addresses this. The food companies got into adding lots of sugar to their concoctions in the 70’s after they began selling low fat things – which tasted like cardboard, thus the increased sugar. Note that this was when we began to see the trend toward increasing obesity. 🐷

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  3. You certainly come across as an ass, however I know how much you do love to create drama. 😉

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    1. I’ve changed things a bit. Otherwise it’s all scientifically proven.
      Thanks for the honest comment.

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      1. I don’t doubt you’ve researched the science. It’s the way you present it that stirs up controversy.
        But you like that…so you keep doing you.
        I also wonder if the word slut is being defined differently by the readers and writer.

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        1. Some words have subtly different meanings on different sides of the Atlantic.


  4. I wouldn’t call people sluts or slobs, lol, but many do not understand portion sizes. Even supposedly healthy foods do not have to be eaten by the bucket. We keep increasing our portions, along with the number of times per day we eat. Now it’s normal for many to have a fourth meal at 11pm!?!

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    1. I’ve takenout ‘slut’ it was wrong. My bad.
      A fourth meal at 11pm? Jeeez. ❤

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  5. Oh Jack you just opened a jar of worms…

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    1. Maybe that was my intention. ❤ 😉

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  6. Pushing being an unattractive slut. Huuummm how we disagree here as I clearly do not think that going to bar often to eat makes you a slut. On the other hand the need to overeat comfort food , yes I see that quite often. If course I see men with beer belly is that comfort food or just run food?

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    1. I guess that men with a fat beer-gut could be called slobs.
      And, you’re probably right to disagree on the slut thing. ❤


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