Always Tell The Truth

A liar will never be believed, even when she speaks the truth.

Everybody lies.  Lies are the oil that lubricates the grinding wheels of interpersonal relationships.  Most people don’t always want to be told the unvarnished truth, especially by their partner ~ for example being told that you look terrible hurts, even if it is the truth.  In a 10-minute conversation the average American will tell two or three lies ~ basically people lie a lot.

There are different kinds of lies, some are small and immaterial, and some are huge, outrageous, and evil.  However a lie is still a lie, even if it’s justified as a well-intentioned white lie, or it’s a lie of omission where we just don’t say anything at all about something important.

Some lies are actually criminal fraud.  For example;

  • lies about your qualifications and work experience on your CV
  • Plagiarism, piracy, and passing-off
  • creating false paperwork to obtain a loan, drivers licence, passport, etc.
  • using false information to complete official forms, for example health insurance

It seems that many people are happy to live with lies like this, telling themselves that it’s just a clever way to beat the system.  Do or say whatever you like, but if you go down this road your life will be a fake.  And, at some point you may get into serious trouble.  As an example, a contract of insurance is a contract uberrimae fidei, (of utmost good faith), if you don’t tell the whole truth on an insurance document the whole thing is null and void.  Your insurance company can refuse your claims, and reclaim any past claims you have made.

If you do lie and cheat, just be ready for the consequences because eventually you will be caught out.  Your fantastic house of cards will just fall apart.  The thing about lying is that you can never know with certainty the risk of being discovered or the severity of the consequences.  Lie in a relationship and you’ll probably get dumped.  Lie in a marriage and you will probably get divorced.

Some say that there’s a fool born every minute.  And that women make the best liars.  All I know is that some truths are best left unsaid.


jack collier


lovers often lie to each other

and to their husbands and wives

9 responses

  1. You so on top with this post! I know someone who’s lies are a every waking moment of her day! To your face , on the phone … it doesn’t phase her what she’s doing she thinks it a cool thing and everyone believes her!!!!

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    1. Liars often don’t realise that everyone can see right through them. ❤ ❤ 😉

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  2. Thought provoking and you are right. A lie is a lie and the basic principle still gets broken and trust dies.

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    1. I will never believe a liar, even when she’s telling the truth. ❤

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      1. I’m with you there and if they managed to deceit you once and you didn’t realize it, it will leave you wondering and questioning the truth to no end. ❤️

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  3. Some, maybe most, lies are a result of unresolved personal issues. For all of us.

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    1. A lie is a lie. ❤

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      1. Well, I think I don’t consider it a lie if it is not purposefully told to harm others. We all have things we do not want to face, and some people get out of it by lies because they can’t face it at the time. Then, I want to understand why that person might be lying and how I can help him/her to face the issue.

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  4. Could not agree more. There’s a reason why “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” is among the ten commandments. You don’t even have to be religious to see the value of telling the truth.

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