Tunes on Tuesday ~ The Great Escape

The past is for learning from and letting go.  You can’t revisit it.  It vanishes.  ~  Adele Parks

Englishmen pf a certain age all have a similar list of their 5 favourite films, and in particular the theme tunes that go with them.  This is in my top five.

Many times I’ve wanted to get on a 500cc Triumph and just escape.

All really great motorcycles are British Iron.


jack collier

Steve McQueen always rode a Triumph

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  1. I love any WW2 films especially in black and white, it seems to add to the period atmosphere somehow. If you like this sort of thing I wrote a short play which is based on a true event of a friendly fire incident on day three of the war where two of our pilots were shot down resulting in the sad death of one of them. It should be made into a film.

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