Self-censorship and Lies

Self-censorship is a lie to yourself;
one should never be afraid to say what you think. 

I am a firm believer in not allowing the approval, or disapproval, of others to influence what one believes, thinks, says, writes, or does.  I am also a liar, because today, yesterday, and for a few days / weeks / months before that I have not been true to my own beliefs.

My lies to you all are lies of omission, in that I am not prepared to tell you the whole truth about some things, and I am not prepared to tell you anything at all about some other things, and there are some things I will just completely deny.  It seems that everyone has dark secrets, and everyone lies without thought.

As this is by way of a confessional I will tell you why I’m making this admission.

Today I was going to publish one of a few completed posts that I have just decided I shall never publish.  These included;

  • Sex, Lust, and Whores.  Most women sell sex; most of them just don’t take money from everyone who wants them.
  • Masturbation and Fetishes.  Only boys masturbate, or so the myth goes, because a woman touching herself is immoral.
  • Love Wars.  Love and war, it seems, work by exactly the same rules.
  • Goddess of Sexual Love.  Sexual love is powerful, it can bring women to their knees.
  • Casual Sex and Immorality.  In an imperfect world you could fuck anyone and everyone without thinking about the consequences.

All the above posts I’ve irrevocably put into my trash were of a highly sexual nature, impinging upon the real truths of most interpersonal relationships.

The face is the mirror of the mind, and the eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.  ~  St. Jerome.

Some say that evaluation of the truth is not an absolute, but a matter of piecing together bits of information to form a picture.  And that most people’s idea of the truth is based on their preconceived ideas and prejudices.  All know is that, sometimes, the real truth is best left unsaid.


jack collier

the most common fetishes are depicted here

smoking, heels, stockings, submission, mystery, mastery


24 responses

  1. I loved writing erotica….but I have stopped due to other reasons

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    1. And, I would love to read your erotica. ❤

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      1. I don’t write these days


        1. sad
          send me some erotica you have written

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  2. I have struggled greatly with how honest I am. Boundaries are there for a reason and to protect people but if 50 shades of grey can make a tonne of money and it’s not even good why not post them? People don’t have to read them. I think it will be interesting the response to them. You wouldn’t be the first to venture into this arena.

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    1. The thing is, nothing I’ve ever posted in here is fiction. And, sometimes the truth is too hard, too erotic, and too hurtful.
      I could write erotic fiction, but what would be the point in that?
      Or, perhaps you think I could take that fucking sexy way.? 💗💗💗

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      1. The line between fiction and reality is very thin. I think most writers use reality but disguised so you wouldn’t recognize it. It helps protect those that are in the story too.
        By the way if you go on trying to conceive boards all the women who have achieved that aim through reading 50 shades of grey are very happy about it.

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        1. I may never understand women who like the stuff depicted in 50 shades of grey ~ but I would like to try…. ❤

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          1. 50 shades of gray works by imagining you are the girl and Christian is doing the stuff to yourself. Otherwise it’s completely dull. The movie is terrible for such erotic content for once you have imagined Christian one way, when you see him on screen and it doesn’t match up. It all falls flat.

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    2. I am beginning to think that I should write erotica, if what’s on the market is so lame. ❤

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      1. 50 shades of grey is the most donated book to charity shops. I know coz I used to volunteer in one and it was my job to organise the books. I read for free online as you can for all of the books in the series. There not even worth buying.


  3. The more you don’t know the more you could be wrong.. hense trying to understand it more hense the intense e want need desire and pain in not knowing… why so bad what is it that could be that horrific?

    See what occurs a person who hides more says there is more to tell.

    It takes strength and understanding to see what is right! However it might be a wise decision to not tell all…

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    1. Lies are never forgiven.
      But, sometimes the whole truth may be a mistake. 💖💖💖

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      1. Mistake is a little harsh


  4. Let me say this againi accidentally returned anyway more isnt more i say this because of me. I have many demons and I have many of my own self.
    Not that I’m a bad person more that I’m not a innocent in which I had thought I was or that I was always left feeling bad about my self by men and women.

    Should we keep it secret?

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    1. If the unvarnished truth will hurt someone we care for, then maybe it’s best to lie by omission. But, nothing stays hidden forever. The Truth will out.
      Have a care Sweetheart. ❤


  5. Sometimes and I say this because more ‘ll


  6. Ok Jack, be mysterious!😊

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    1. I hide in open sight. ❤

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  7. I believe in self-censorship! It’s how we get along as adults. We certainly shouldn’t blurt out every thought to family, friends, coworkers, etc., or we’ll soon find ourselves without any. But in a trusting romantic partnership, ideally there should be very little we hide of our thoughts. Just my two cents. ❤️

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    1. OH! I have just started on that dark and dangerous road of wondering what is best left unsaid, and what should be covered up with secrets and lies.
      Sweetheart, get caught out in a black lie and any real man will just walk away.
      Just my ha’pennyworth. ❤ ❤ ❤

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