Inner Distress and Compulsions

Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future,
but from wanting to control it.  ~  Khalil Gibran

To a greater or lesser degree we all suffer from what the medical profession call endogenous anxiety / depression ~ which is a complicated way of saying that your therapist / psychiatrist / doctor has no idea why you sometimes feel bad and sometimes go off the rails.

I firmly believe that the underlying cause of all the anxiety, distress, depressions, compulsions, and weaknesses we sometimes suffer from is the direct result of the programming we received before our conscious minds were developed enough to filter out all the bad crap we were subjected to.  Even before you were born, your subconscious mind, body, and spirit was receiving the shitty, negative programs you still live by today.  Remember, your subconscious mind is running things for about 90% of the time.

After conception, right up to the age of around 7, your mind, body, and spirit were being programmed by everything in your environment ~ especially your parents, siblings, other members of your extended family, teachers, TV, & etc. & etc.  And you know what?  It’s all the bad, negative, and defective stuff that really sticks.

The likelihood is that your subconscious mind is full of stuff like; ‘the world is a dangerous place’ ‘people are not to be trusted’ ‘you have to struggle to survive’ and ‘you have to fight to get what you need, want, and desire’.

I also firmly believe that our inner distress is why we may struggle with addictions and compulsions like; booze, casual sex, a bad diet, drugs, health, lack of exercise, money problems, smoking, impulsive behaviours, and all those defects of character we might have, or that others say we have.

How can we fix this?  Not through willpower, self-discipline, nor self-control.  The only way I know to escape the inner distress, anxiety, depression, compulsions, and addictions we honestly accept and admit we suffer from is through a long time, (maybe years), of acting as if these problems and bad feelings did not exist.  Or as they say in 12 Step Groups fake it to make it.

Some say that only the weak do things that they really shouldn’t.  And that anyone can cure their own addictions and defects of character if they just use a little willpower and self-control.  All I know is that every worthwhile person I have ever met has suffered from profound inner distress


jack collier


your subconscious mind can become your own prison

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  1. I was watching a programme yesterday about narcissism and the guy they interviewed said yes I’m a narcissist and also i can’t be cured. He knew how he became one and that it was just one of those flaws that you just have to live with and make the most of. He did a good job of presenting it in a good light. It’s a bad thing in excess like he has but a little is good for you as the show said.

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    1. Narcissists are by no means the worst people in the world. Only psychopaths and sociopaths seem to be totally beyond hope. ❤

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      1. Even then they made a tv series about one that has many series – Dexter.

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  2. My weekend was a little dark to be perfectly honest something tells me about myself more than any other person.. we are all responsible for our behavior however, sometimes even when we are we never admit our own faults in life.. this weekend my own behavior came up with me more.. than anyone… you can blame PTSD, depression, even other things like what you think people are like.. however, perhaps if you ask yourself something like hmm maybe i am drawn to things of the undesired I dunno but, it is something to be present about… without that finger pointing moments… we are all sinful, I guess.. it all depends on what your moral compass is.. do you think?

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    1. The good people do the very best they can, and if they fail, and are wrong, they will admit it. The best people try to put things right as soon as they can.

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      1. I wonder what I do then…

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        1. I’m certain that you’re one of the good people.


          1. Well thank you I am certain that you are too


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