Angel Number 1111

Life is for living, and I intend to live it with all my heart and soul.

Some will say “how much does that cost”

Some people are obsessed by numbers.

This post marks a milestone in that it’s the number 1111 post I’ve published.

It seems that the angel number 1111 represents a gateway between realms, and a sign that angels are nearby.  I’m not certain that I’ve really understood the reality of angels, since my early years were pretty much dominated by a repressive Methodist view of God, religion, and angels.  Any mention of the power of numbers would have warranted a swift clip around the ear.

Our very early years can completely distort our view of life, particularly if there’s a church and money involved.

Numbers have power beyond the strictly mathematical, financial, and physical realms.  Allegedly the number 1111 opens an energy doorway which will allow us to turn our wishes, needs, wants, and desires into reality.

Eleven ~ Eleven is one of the numbers that have special meaning to me; the others are 28, and 42.  Why?  I have no idea, but these numbers keep coming up in my life, over and over again.

It’s interesting to know that, whenever I’ve thought about writing this post, something mundane has happened to distract my train of thought.  And, that whenever I’ve tried to write this post something has happened to stop me; my internet fell over, this pc crashed, I was blocked from access to Google, WordPress wouldn’t accept my logon id…..  Spooky.

Don’t ever believe that what we see is all there is

Some say that we should expect little miracles and coincidences to happen in our lives.  And that these miracles and coincidences represent a rebirth of our spirit.  All I know is that I could do with angel-dust right now.


jack collier

Allegedly, this picture is faked

3 responses

  1. Good luck jack ive closed my blog will start again soon on another soon x

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  2. Hey you’re in luck, Jack. I’m the queen of 11, the gateway keeper. And I’m here to help you realise your dreams – in a completely metaphorical and symbolic way (curtsey with a coy smile).

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    1. I’d prefer in a physical and spiritual way, with you still keeping your coy smile ❤

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