Songs on Saturday ~ Imagine Dragons

Chasing Imagined Dragons, she’s one part brave, one part a sorceress.

I know a woman who likes snakes, octopuses, and probably chasing dragons.

She likes psychedelic art, abstract spiral trees, and abandoned buildings.

But then, I like, love, and adore exotic, weird, mysterious women.

Just perhaps, this strange song and weird video are for her.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier

never kiss a Goddess holding a snake

and never look into their eyes


8 responses

  1. Kalliope are u referring to the serpant (snake just in case your confused) or your own heart hehe

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  2. Reblogged this on lindermike.

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    1. Thank you for reblogging my post. ❤

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  3. You wait for her to put that shit down (don’t interrupt, you wait patiently), then she can set all of her adoring attention on to you.

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    1. That’ll be the day. ❤


  4. Love that band beautiful music well done Jack!


    1. Thank you Fran. ❤
      I love that video.

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