The Invention of Memory

You can close your eyes to reality, but not to your memories.

In a very full life I have known some people with very bad memories, they just can’t or won’t remember anything much.  I’ve been told by a close friend that it’s possible to completely forget years and years of your early childhood.  And, I’ve known people with false memories, manufactured memories, and memories that were implanted into their subconscious mind.  Thoughts and memories are just chemical changes and electrical impulses and charges inside your brain ~ memories are easily altered.

A memory of the past which is either non-existent, false, manufactured, or implanted is often the result of alcohol abuse, the abuse of prescription drugs, or using any street drugs at all, especially marijuana.  Booze and drugs tend to destroy the memory vitamins B1 and B12, and the negative effects on memory can go on for years after the heavy drinking or drug taking has stopped.  Booze, in particular, robs the body of B vitamins.  Lack of B1 and B12 has other very bad effects; slowness, confusion, fatigue, irritability, apathy, poor sleep, insomnia, and shortness of breath.

But then, all memories are untrue, because we see the past through the prism of the present ~ all of our present-day character defects and positive character traits change how we remember the past.

Our experiences of pleasure, ecstasy, pain, suffering, and loss extend far beyond our personal recollections.  When we tell others of our memories, then they will react, remember, and retell our memories back to us.  And when we tell others of our past we cannot ever tell the whole truth.

Sometimes we are afraid to admit our past, and sometimes we are ashamed to tell the whole truth.  Also, we can never fully remember the truth of our past.  Our incomplete and inaccurate memories of the past go on to tint our picture of the present, and our expectations of the future.  Sometimes what we think we remember is an event that’s actually happening right now, or we expect to happen in the future, or will happen in the future.  A memory of the past may be nothing of the sort ~ especially if you use alcohol or drugs.  Smoking doesn’t help much with remembering things either.

Some say they can’t remember names, or faces.  And, that they’re always forgetting where they left their car keys.  All I know is that I’m cursed with an eidetic memory.


jack collier


drinking and smoking are no good for your memory and brain health

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  1. […] via The Invention of Memory — JackCollier7 […]

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  2. Mum killed some of hers with high glucoses. To remember, I use tricks. Unfortunately, there are many things I do that tricks don’t help. Like my debit password. I’m always surprised when I get it right!

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    1. Such a shame when illness robs us of our memories.
      I guess I’m good at codes and passwords after years in banking.
      Thinking of you Kris. ❤❤❤

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      1. I need you to remember for me!

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    2. All my passwords i understand kris totally

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  3. Hmm, i did think it was kalliope playing around cuz she wouldnt post my responses then thought perhaps not.. who knows maybe i did them im not sure anymore

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  4. My meltdown of the other day was truly hideous, luckily i saw the scripts of what I thought I saw was true, many posts altered and very scary… Memory yes, I thought about myself for a moment that perhaps I lost myself but; I didn’t they came through to my email and I have a little shocked and wondered why anyone would alter my posts.. quick as a pin I must admit and a little scary. Memory i wondered it was me… phew!

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    1. That’s very scary.
      But do you think it was you, or do you believe it was a mystery hacker? ❤

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      1. To be honest I am not sure these days… even looking at these amended posts i dont recall doing them… sigh!

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        1. No worries Fran, I didn’t publish a couple of comments that were pretty bad. ❤ 😉

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          1. I think i know what it was… because i was away and went back over my posts i grew… and was horrified that i wrote such harsh posts

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