Snowy Lake Tahoe

This is a cool picture of Lake Tahoe by Rhapsody.

I have a friend who wants me to take her to Lake Tahoe, not if it’s snowing I won’t.   Give me a little sunshine and it will be a great road trip.

Rhapsody Bohème

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  1. It was a heavy winter in Toronto too.❤️

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    1. Here in England it’s been rain and gales for months. ❤

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      1. My daughter studies in Ireland, she always complains about the constant rain and we remind her that is the reason every where is green and beautiful.😂

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        1. So true. It rains a lot in England, but this is the original Green and Pleasant Land. ❤

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  2. I hear it’s been snowing up there. I live by Apple Hill and we had some crazy snow storms around the area but it’s been bright and sunny (Thankfully!) in my area 🙂 Once it’s nice and sunny in Lake Tahoe then yes the road trip will be lots of fun!

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    1. Methinks the road to Lake Tahoe is tricky in the snow. ☺


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