The Church Fears Women

Remember your dreams and desires, and fight for them, no matter what.

Following on from my post on The Myth of Sin, it is obvious to me that the established religions, especially the Catholic Church, fear strong, independent, liberated, sexual women.  The clergy also fear real, mature women ~ else why would they so often get into serious trouble for homosexual relationships, underage sex, and sexually assaulting choirboys.

If the church and a majority of fearful men had their way, women would have remained uneducated, oppressed, repressed, undignified, deprived of their freedom, robbed of their independent thoughts, and be allowed to speak only on sufferance.  I firmly believe this is because the church is afraid of the power of women, and a majority of pathetic men are just afraid of women in every way imaginable.

Men know than women are more centered, more serene, more patient, more emotional than they can ever be.  They know that women are more resistant to disease, she will live longer, she is more resilient than any man.  Because of all this, and because of her beauty, she can fulfill a man’s life immensely.  A woman can complete a man’s life like a lock completes a key.  And this makes weak men afraid because deep down they know that a woman is more than they are.  A strong mature woman will choose the most beautiful but the most dangerous path of emotions, sentiments, moods ~ a man, any man, will tend to choose the straight line path to his wants, needs, and desires.  Men tend to choose the shortcuts in Life.

Even the arts have been dominated by men, which is criminal because the strong right brains of women allow them to be far more artistic and creative than the linear Yes / No brain of a man.  Had they not been repressed, how many female DaVinci, Michelangelo, or Shakespeare might there have been?  Through the ages the artistic establishment, just like the church, the business world….. have all prevented women from achieving their true potential.

The life of women has been corrupted by fearful men telling them things that are not true, making women a slave to men, reducing women to second-class citizens in society.  Weak men try to make women absolutely inferior, vulnerable, and dependent ~ and perhaps only begin to treat a woman well when they want sex from her.

Today I am fortunate.  I am no longer afraid of women, and I see them as more than my equal, but different from me.  Any women can be as intelligent as me, but her intelligence is different from mine, and I welcome that.  I no feel no need to manipulate women and change them into something that is not a real, mature, capable, independent woman at all.


jack collier

the type of women who makes weak men afraid and lustful

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  1. […] do men want? Does it have something to do with the fear of women that Jack describes in his post: […]

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  2. Surprise mother hell, bolix, wow and i have no words atm… just a little awe struck!

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    1. It’s not like you to run out of things to say. 😉


      1. So, are you still in love with me….. ?? do it… tell me I am all that and more….

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        1. Of course I still desire you. ❤ ❤ ❤


          1. Nice as that may seem but I am just a women that has an opinion and if you love, hate me go for gold… i am nothing unless i am something… but, thank you all the same… continue with others that love to hear it… for me i prefer feeling it and seeing it and understanding it not words on a silly blog who no one wants to say a damn thing but only what seems nasty and hurtful… however , loveling words jack

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  3. Damn spellcheck bullshit crap oh im still here what I meant to say is ” you missed me a bit? Maybe?”

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    1. I missed you a lot. 💖💖💖

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      1. Awww thank you … my manner is a preferred like sowwy to say xxx

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        1. I’m glad you’re back. XXX ❤

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      2. Now thats a bit desperate ok me too well word press not some teddy bear goof that has something stuffed on your travels… strange dude u are x

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    1. Shame I’d like you to dribble. 👅👅👅


  4. It’s strange and a little disturbing your post seems very much like my life.. it seems i cannot say, feel, explore or desire these days without others thinking I am pointing the damn finger at someone… why? fucked if I know all I know is i am wrong and everyone on this planet is right.. hence i stopped posting.. because apparently its shit

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    1. Don’t let others put you down, hold true to your own wants, desires, and opinions.
      Not everyone else is always right.
      Start posting again.

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  5. What a nice and honest post! You nailed it Jack!

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    1. Thanks Diane, I’m trying to tell it like it is. ❤


  6. It does seem that the bullying loudmouthed men are generally drawn to damaged younger women who will idolize them. They are afraid of equals. Great post! 💖

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    1. Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤
      Some feeble men who like to show fake machismo will target weaker, younger women.
      A strong, mature, independent, attractive women scares that kind of guy witless.

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