The Way of the Wolf

Being a male is a matter of birth.  Being a man is a matter of choice.

The uniform of a wolf is a sharp suit and tie.

Society has conspired against the modern man to make his life very challenging, filled with setbacks, uncertainties, and frustrations.  Sometimes the younger man just has no idea who and what he is supposed to be.  For the average man, deciding upon his life path requires patience, determination, and strong communication skills.  Partly this is the fault of the feminist / metrosexual / LBGT communities who seem to see the traditional, strong, heterosexual, masculine male as some kind of a threat.

However, there is another kind of man who couldn’t care less what most other people think of him ~ the wolf will get whatever he wants even at the expense of everyone else.  The wolf will run his own life, according to his own rules, and without much in the way of morality, ethics, or guilt getting in the way ~ especially when it comes to work, women, and sexual desire.

Wolves know their deepest purpose is to make as much money as possible, and to enjoy sex as often as possible, with as many women as possible.  He is unabashedly masculine, purposeful, confident, grounded, spontaneous, and sensitive.  A wolf is totally turned on by the feminine ~ he loves to take women sexually, to ravish them, to embrace his inner masculinity and her femininity.  He is dedicated to incarnating sexual love, and in his quest he is not bound by outer convention or inner cowardice.

A wolf is not a macho jerk, scared bully, posturing King Kong, scruffy tradesman, or spineless wimp.  However, he will not try to be cooperative, conventional, safe, sharing, or understanding.  He simply lives his life to its deepest core, fearlessly pursuing his wants, needs, and desires, totally committed to abundance, dominance, and sexual gratification for both himself and his partner. A true wolf doesn’t want to make love, he wants to fuck her like an animal.

Sadly I am not, and never have been a wolf.  If I am meeting a woman I always ensure that I am spotlessly clean and well-groomed, I open doors for women, stand when she enters a room and arrives at or leaves my table, shut up when a woman wants to talk, listen attentively when a woman is speaking, and I never invade her space without a clear invitation.  (But a clever wolf will do all of that, except he will invade a woman’s personal space, without invitation.)  Also, whenever I am on a date, or taking a woman on a trip, then I fully expect to get my wallet out and pay for everything.  Some among the feminist / metrosexual / LBGT communities don’t like any of that.

Some say that wolves have more fun than do gentlemen.  And that women like to be used and abused at every opportunity.  All I know is that I have never had first date sex or casual sex ~ despite a plethora of opportunities.


jack collier

most wolves prefer their victims to be submissive, eventually

most women feel understood and validated by a wolf

and most wolves have great bodies

12 responses

  1. True however us ladies are hard work

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    1. Anything worthwhile is hard work.
      I like the hard part. ❤❤❤


      1. Oh god, serious? Like your head? Doh! That was not a bad come back!!! Get it oh never mind (im good)


  2. I like to pay if I can. However, if it is a planned thing, nope. I went on an overnight and then a fishing trip. Things I had not done before in this area, it was all planned out for me. I didn’t drop a dollar on that excursion. It was so much fun, though, the memories were better than exchanged legal tender.

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    1. note: Your phrase ‘being a man is a matter of choice.’ That is absolutely profound. Being a human being in a matter of conscious choice. Male or female.

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      1. Wise words Kris. ❤

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    2. If a woman wants to pay, or contribute, then a gentleman should never try to stop her. ❤

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      1. And there in lies the main problem..not too many real gentlemen out there anymore. Many women are afraid (fear, there it is again!) of a gentleman.

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        1. One of the tasks of a gentleman is to make women feel secure, safe, cherished, and protected.
          At least that’s how I see my role in a relationship.
          (Now I do anyhow).
          ❤ ❤ 😉

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          1. Yup. Not many of you out there!

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  3. Franny visits Jacko Wacko.. you’re still up to naughty tricks kiddo.. how are you xxx

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    1. I’m damn good Fran ~ nice to hear from you. ❤ ❤

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