Rain in England

Rain, rain go away, come again another day.

Right now, where I live, it’s raining cats and dogs.  That’s a bit of a shame because it means I’m going to be stuck in the garret until it eases off a bit.  Going out in the rain and cold is one reason lots of us English people seem to have coughs and colds a lot of the time.

It’s going to rain for most of the day here, and in fact it’s raining over most of the UK.  Our Met. Office have flood warnings posted for several coastal towns ~ luckily not right here.

A lot of Americans think that it rains all the time here in England.  As a matter of fact, in comparison with some places in the world, we don’t get that much rain.  On average, where I live we get about a couple of feet of rain in a year.  In comparison, supposedly sunny Hawaii has an average of 5 feet of rainfall in a year.  Perhaps Hawaii is not ever going to be right at the top of my bucket list.

Some say that it rains every day in England.  And that we English must love the rain.  All I know is that we do get a little sunshine, usually in the middle of July.


jack collier


what a grey day


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  1. Currently living in the wet state of Washington, rain is no surprise to us. However, English rain has always sounded so much better to me. I dream of walks in that rain. Hawaiian rain, is warm rain. I enjoyed my holiday there last May. Sunshine is always a decent plus though.

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    1. An English shower can still be cold and wet.

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  2. “Rain? Naaaa it’s just a drizzling “…….that’s what my Irish daughters always say…..even when they get drenched🤷🏻‍♀️

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    1. It’s a grand soft day….. ❤

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      1. It was fecking freezing here today 🥶


  3. I was in England one summer where there was a lot of sun. I even went home with a sun tan, it was great!

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    1. Lucky you ❤
      We do get some sun sometimes.

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  4. Rain is one of my favorite things! I didn’t realise Hawaii had that much rain, warm and rain…awesome duo!!! (Although, I love snow, too)

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    1. Kris, I prefer warm sunshine and blue skies. 😎❤

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