Diet Drinks

The problem with the world is that everybody is a few drinks behind.  ~  Humphrey Bogart

People drink diet cola in the mistaken belief that it’s healthier than the ‘real deal’ loaded with sugar.  Some people even have diet mixers with their whisky, gin, vodka, or tequila.  As a matter of fact, the diet cola is probably doing them just as much harm as is the booze.

The main sweetener used in diet drinks is aspartame, and it and other nonnutritive sweeteners will have some very harmful effects on your body.  In the USA aspartame is also marketed under the name of Nutrasweet.

It turns out, that rather than helping you lose weight, these artificial sweeteners will increase your appetite, make you eat more, and thus gain weight.

Artificial sweeteners can also give you cancer, dementia, diabetes heart disease, or a stroke.  Artificial sweeteners also disrupt the important balance and diversity of healthy bacteria in your gut.  Drink lots of cola with artificial sweeteners and not only will you go crazy, you will also suffer from obesity.

So why is diet coke promoted so much?  Profit.  Aspartame is much, much cheaper than real sugar.

Some say that aspartame easily converts to formaldehyde in the body.  And that Hitler used aspartame as a poison.  All I know is that I prefer women who spill their booze.


jack collier


at least it’s not wasted

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  2. I try to limit my diet soda. I know it is terrible for a body in a million ways and I still drink it. I have removed so many things from my diet, you’d think taking away diet drinks would be easy. It isn’t. Laughing, just before I moved back to Alaska in ’16, I was soda free and feeling great. Then, I went north. Mom was in the hospital for 23 days and the quickest caffeine was diet coke. I cannot STAND coffee!

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  3. Arhhmm everything is full of sugar

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    1. carbs suck. About the only carb free foods are full of sodium, too. Ugh!


  4. I drink sugar free soda because of the diabetes. Friggen sucks that I can have water – and that’s it. Juice and milk are full of sugar, so coke zero or Pepsi max suffice.

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    1. And this is exactly why I am drinking a Diet Pepsi as I read and write. I do drink tea now and then and club soda and water (of course), but I when I was in college there was a machine in the girls dorm rec room. Hooked! I wasn’t a fan of Tab cuz of the flavor, so yeah….

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