we are not all crazy

Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.  ~  Theodore Roosevelt

Due to a bout of insomnia I found myself listening to President Trump’ State of the Union address.  What an uninspiring speaker that man is.   Having said that, I am in no doubt that Mr. Trump will be re-elected for a second term in office.

One of his controversial standpoints concerns the building of a security wall / fence along the southern border of the USA with Mexico ~ to prevent illegal immigration, people smuggling, drugs and gun smuggling.  The Democrats / Liberal Left are especially incensed by this policy, as are the liberal left in the United Kingdom incredibly angry about our referendum’s requirement that immigration into the UK from Europe and elsewhere be immediately curbed.

There is no doubt that one of the main reasons the British people voted decisively in 2016 to leave the European Union was to drastically cut immigration of all kinds, illegal and otherwise.  This is not xenophobia, it’s common sense.  Other than very skilled individuals, where there is an immediate job waiting, immigrants offer nothing whatsoever to their new country.  In fact they are a net drain on scarce resources.  There is also compelling evidence that immigrants are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime.

Things were different before this modern technological era, and now that population pressure is a very serious issue.  In the past immigrants filled valuable roles in society, but today even ditch diggers have to be able to drive a back-hoe.

Theodore Roosevelt’s words are still applicable today.  When I travel to the Southern United States it’s noticeable how many people have Spanish as their first / only language.  In parts of England many Asian female immigrants cannot speak English.  It’s sad, but one cannot be a true member of society if you don’t routinely speak the language.  In this modern technological world, one cannot be a valuable member of society if you don’t speak English.

Some say that we should welcome ethnic diversity.  And that opposing unfettered immigration is racist.  All I know is that you’d have to be crazy to allow all and sundry to live in your home.


jack collier


immigrants do fill lots of roles in the hospitality industry.


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  1. I tend to side with my eldest on the politics of this nation. My spouse and youngest differ from us dramatically. It hurts my heart to see smart, good, helpful citizens be sucked into Trump’s world. But, I do not ever want Pence in office. That man is smooth and no one can be as good as he portrays. The only one who could was crucified in Jerusalem.

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    1. Jesus for President. Now there’s a thought. ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. We have a news station that picks apart everything he said in his speech. Not sure if he will be re-elected but he does try to make people like him.

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    1. Making people like him is the biggest part of his job. 💖

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  3. Sad if Trump is re-elected a second term. I truly wonder how he gets his votes when 99% of people I have met find him a moron of sorts. Suffice to say my sister thinks the world of him and says he is doing great for USA. I truly wonder what I am missing. Maybe I am obtuse to see it?

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    1. No, it’s just that Mr. Trump appeals to obtuse Americans from the rust-belt states. 💖😈

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