human nature

Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity.  ~  Albert Einstein

Smoking and drinking are incredibly stupid aspects of human nature.

Most people are constructive, positive, and trustworthy most of the time.  However, practically all of us will have done something dishonest, disreputable, or negative in our lifetimes ~ maybe more than once.  And then there are some people who are irredeemably negative, disruptive, dishonest, and lazy all of the time.

One or more of that ilk broke into my apartment building last night, smashing the lock on one of the street doors in the process.  Despite there being CCTV cameras monitoring the street outside this building, and further internal CCTV cameras inside, I hold out no hopes that any miscreant will ever be made to pay for this offence.

Another aspect of human nature is that it feels just too difficult to track down and punish petty offenders against the laws of property and human decency.  We can all be lazy, indolent, and uncaring some of the time.

The main thing about human nature is that a leopard never changes its spots, (well, almost never).  A person who is alcoholic, an addict, thief, liar, irredeemably negative, cheats, gambles ~ will always, always be that horrible person.

Some say that there is a really good person in all of us.  And that given a chance we can all be a superior being.  All I know is that some people aren’t even worth giving half a chance.


jack collier

some are forever bastards and sluts

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  1. So a leopard never changes it’s spots, but it can change how it perceives those very same markings. Perhaps he is a leopard amidst cheetahs, or an ocelot. Or the leopard realises those same spots are the same as the stars in the sky and proceeds to join them as mirrors of the constellations, taking note which constellation can be drawn via the spots that cover his heart.

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    1. You’ve expanded my metaphor into kaleidoscopic dimensions. Much of life is about perceptions, for as Einstein said; ‘Reality is an illusion’.


      1. Other people reveal the truth of who we are, and it is through relating our experiences with others do we see the light that travels beyond the speed of light. Metaphors and relativity and science and consciousness. Rah rah. Hehe

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        1. I am but a shadow, seen in a glass, darkly. ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. This is not charity. This is fate. Thank you for you awaken again.

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