Gain Self-Belief

Each time we face our fears we gain confidence, self-belief, and freedom.

People have a strong tendency to sabotage themselves when things are going really well in their lives.

It doesn’t really matter how smart you are, how grounded you are, or how much money you have, one of these days you will probably get to a place where everything is cool and fine, and then you’ll fuck foul it up with drink, drugs, prescription and over the counter medication, smoking, gambling, binge eating, casual sex…..  It seems as though we have an in-built belief that we are not really worthy, or good enough, or nice enough to have all that success and all those good feelings.  We aren’t comfortable with standing out among our family, friends, and peers ~ and this belief that we don’t deserve our own success is something that we learn in early childhood, before we are seven years old.  Our parents, care-givers, and siblings are to blame for that.

Also, very early on in life, many of us learn to believe that we are unworthy of love.  We learn that we don’t deserve to be loved by others, we learn how not to love ourselves, we learn to believe that we don’t deserve to get all the good stuff that life has to offer.  We continually judge ourselves, criticise ourselves, and fall prey to negative thinking and negative beliefs.

In the extreme these negative feelings and beliefs lead to something called Borderline Personality Disorder, and that creates no end of troubles; paranoia, fear of abandonment, addiction, boozing, reckless behaviours, depression, bi-polar disorder…..

It takes real genius, strong will, self-honesty, openness, and willingness to escape from these dark negative places.

First of all we need to understand love and what it means.  The belief that stops us from fully embracing the love of others and accepting self-love is the negative expectation that it’s all going to turn to crap eventually, and whoever offers love to us is going to abandon us anyway.  Usually that means we will push others away from us, and the denial of love becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The same things happen with anything and everything else we want, need, and desire; money, health, enlightenment, friendships, personal growth, freedom to do what we really want to do…..

And all of these negative beliefs and thought patterns are imposed upon our subconscious minds in childhood, which of course means we learn to believe all this crap from our parents, the rest of our families, other care-givers, teachers, older children…..

To escape from an unsuccessful, unfulfilled, ultimately unhappy life we need to be willing to throw aside our past and instead build a future which truly reflects the unique, lovable, loving person we are.  If you talk about your past you are just reliving all the negative crap, no matter what gloss your subconscious mind tries to put on all the shit you used to do.

Most people aren’t truly willing to take that monumental leap ~ in fact I don’t know anyone who is.

Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you always got.


jack collier

you may believe all this smoking, drinking, and sitting at the bar is cool


7 responses

  1. Wow, yes, indeed beautiful post their Jack, just recently I went through the same thing which I will post at a later stage maybe tonight… Realistion of ones self is amazing however, can be a little late… But, in every case never too late they say… a friend on mine just went through something simular in fact we all did with someone that was set to tell us all that we are wrong that we think wrong and that this person female was right…. well, she wasn’t right … negitivity can blow a wonderful experience into kaos and it wasn’t blown by me.. however, it was by another that wanted it gone all because of their own life.. not mine… go figure.. so yes in many ways we learn and we grow but, we must realises who is good in your life and who needs to hit the road jack pardon the pun never come home.. no more no more…heheheh

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    1. Having the strength to leave behind a toxic relationship, even if it’s the only relationship you have, is a very empowering thing. ❤❤❤

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      1. Did that a long time ago…. if I have to do that again this time.. I may take a little more time to think about it Jack…

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        1. Leaving any relationship, even a toxic one, is probably not something that should be done in haste.
          Thanks for your comments Fran 💞

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          1. No problem jack, I remember and I was very young Jack, 20 I got married I stayed for 8 long years no chemistry a child that hates me because the man could not forgive me for rejecting him… but, that fact is i didnt reject him … he is married with 2 beautiful kids a lovely wife and he should be happy however, he wasnt until he ruined my relationship with my son… so leaving is the easy part kiddo.. the rest is a bullshit excuse for bad behavior

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  2. Powers that be of positivity!

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