Brexit Chaos

Brexit was the first brick knocked out of the establishment wall.

Brexit is the invented word used to describe the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, and right now that process has descended into black farce and chaos.

The simple facts are these;

  • On the 23rd of June 2016 the people of the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union.
  • Since then the political establishment here did bugger all for a couple of years about organising Great Britain’s exit from the European Union.
  • The plain fact is that hardly anyone in the politic establishment wants Great Britain to leave the European Union ~ our Prime Minister Mrs. Theresa May included.
  • Over the past few months Mrs. May negotiated a very unsatisfactory ‘exit deal’ with the European Union.
  • This deal was put to Parliament yesterday, and Mrs. May suffered a crushing, humiliating defeat by 230 votes ~ by far the biggest defeat by a sitting government ever.
  • Today, Wednesday January 16th, Mrs. May faces a vote of no confidence in parliament, she is likely to win that because hardly any Member of Parliament wants to face a general election right now.
  • Any previous, honourable Prime Minister would have resigned yesterday after such a crushing defeat in parliament ~ Mrs. May has no real honour.
  • As things stand, Great Britain will leave the European Union on March 29th 2019, whether there is any kind of a deal in place or not.
  • The majority of the English people couldn’t give a fuck damn if there’s a deal in place or not, we just want out of the European Union.

The political establishment is hated by the majority of the people in the United Kingdom, and if politicians fudge, obfuscate, kick the can down the road again and delay Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, there will be a blood-letting at the next general election that will make the English Civil War look like a garden party.

Some say you can tell when a politician is lying because their lips will be moving.  And that the idea of an honest politician is just an urban legend.  All I know is the political class here is hated and mistrusted as never before.


jack collier

Theresa May is no Churchill


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  1. Theresa May is no Churchill because after the death and destruction witnessed by him over two world wars he advocated for a full United States of Europe. Being pissed off at your politicians is no reason to opt out the one thing that has kept Europe peaceful for 80 odd yrs give or take. Remember the the cost of keeping those pricks in the DUP happy is far greater than the 1 per cent you pay to Europe to have a free trade agreement with over 500 million people. And I note no mention here of the Irish Backstop and how as co guarantor Britain promised 20 yrs there would never be a hard border on the Island of Ireland.


  2. I just heard on the news here. A mess indeed and sad to see the state of UK politics. Is there no way to overcome this? Sorry that the Brits are in this mess.

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    1. It’s a farce, but what do you expect from politicians? 😕❤❤

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          1. Hope Plan B Brexit works

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  3. cannot comment on your gain self belief its private


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