Tunes on Tuesday ~ Roxy Music

jealousy is just love and hate at the same time

John Lennon could easily have written this song for every real man who has ever lived, up to and including me.  Luckily I’m much, much better now.

Please listen responsibly.


jack collier


jealousy is not cool

6 responses

  1. Yes it will if we as human dont talk with the right communication it will destroy a relationships yes

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  2. Envious isnt as bad however, that all depends on any situation… never go into something without communication because misunderstanding of something well it could be made up of nothing.

    And, you never know until you know plus assuming something isnt a great idea to do because it can make ann ass out of you!

    Life without communication is an empty understanding in my book!

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    1. Lack of meaningful communication will destroy a relationship. ❤

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  3. He was hot, just listening to it, did you know you have to make someone jeolous in a relationship to be jealous.

    The person who does that to me is a waste of my time… to be envious is about lookingupon something that you would want.

    2 differences jack x

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    1. Bryan Ferry is from my part of the world. Back in the day he used to play the clubs around here.
      Jealousy is a major character defect, along with judgmentalism, and mistrust.
      Thanks for the comment sweetheart. ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. Just keeping u on ya toes English x

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