Blogging Success?

It is only through our losses, failures, and hardships that we learn true growth and enlightenment.

How does one measure success in blogging?

Some would say that success on this platform can only be measured by how much money you have been able to make from your blog.  As I don’t actually need any more money than I already have, then monetizing this thing has never appealed to me.

There are some very raw statistics that might tell me that the blog is a success;

  • Number of followers;         2003
  • Number of posts;               1024  (but that does not include the posts I’ve published and subsequently trashed)
  • Number of views;          138,600
  • Number of comments;      5,658  (not including the half-dozen comments I’ve received and trashed ~ for the benefit of whoever had sent a perhaps unsuitable few words)

Although I prefer to think that true success is measured by quality, and not quantity.

However it must be true that I am writing things that people want to read ~ else how would this ordinary English guy have had followers who stuck with me over the 4 years I’ve been writing this thing.


jack collier


A very big thank you to you all

6 responses

  1. While I do look at the ‘stats’ from time to time (daily), I measure the success of my blog in two ways … the first is that it makes me happy, gives me an outlet for both my joy (huh? what’s that?) and my angst (oh yeah, that dark cloud that hovers o’er my head). But the second way I know that my blog is successful is the friends I have made … people who I literally feel closer to than some of my own family, and in fact I consider them family. Through my blog, I have expanded my horizons, met wonderful new friends, some like-minded, others not, but still friends. And that, to me, is why I still write 2-3 posts every day. I suppose there is a third way in which I find value, and that is the hope that people are learning some things from my posts, as I so frequently learn from their posts and comments.

    Hugs dear Jack, for you are one of those wonderful friends to whom I was referring. ❤

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    1. Such a wonderfully inspirational way to look at blogging.
      Thank you Jill. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Well done! 💕😊🥂🎈

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  3. create your own account you can earn $$ jack and see if they think your work is spam knowing my luck it wont be spam only mine 🙂

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  4. that is because you pay them to follow you 🙂 joking

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  5. ok, im on this stupid hub pages and i keep getting told my blogs are spam how rude… help me Jacko???

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