New Year’s Eve

I close my eyes to false friends, and open my heart to new beginnings.

Those of us who march to the sound of a different drum believe that December 20th  was the real New Year’s Eve.

But, what happened this Year that’s worth remembering?

  • Despite what the ‘global warming’ fools said the world did not end.

And that was just about it.

Personally I discovered the real me, decided that I don’t need a woman to validate that, and resolved to part with anyone who thinks they have a claim on my life.

So, next year is a clean slate.  No relationships, no lies, and no promises.


jack collier


But that does not include Marmaduke


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  1. Happy new year dear.<3


  2. May 2019 let me get to know the sexual Franny

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  3. Happy New Year to you Jack. Self empowerment to ya!

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    1. May 2019 be the year I get to know the dark side o you.

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    2. There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. ~ C.S. Lewis

      The last day of the old year. And what have I learned?

      Well, don’t eat meatloaf in Albuquerque. It’s always better to fly first class. And don’t mix expectations with reality.

      It gets cold in the high desert, volcanic islands are black, and if you want a woman to do what you want you should just pay her.

      In an effort to get away from myself I’ve travelled thousands of miles and been to lots of interesting places, the weirdest of which was Lanzerote.

      I learned that life is much, much better if I am sober. as opposed to being drunk as a skunk. I also learned that everything comes to a really cool guy who’s already living a great life. A cool guy gets what he wants without even asking. And I learned that I like a woman as a friend rather than as a sex object. Of course, I like sex objects too.

      I already knew that everybody lies, especially politicians. That cars are either toys or a necessity. That I like black hold-up stockings. That it takes a whole day for me to get to California. That I like transvestites. I hate people who smoke. I think women who hang out in bars are sluts. That I do not like people who play loud music in their cars with the windows wound down. I have fucking good taste. I have more money than I can spend in this lifetime.

      Women like rich guys who are laid back. That I need a new and classier look. I should maybe rent for the summer on Newport Beach. That I should not buy a boat, and I still like the Hyundai Veloster. Women have a very dark side and maybe I don’t want to go there. Of course I want to go there. I need to spend more time in the sun and not in the cold, grey North East of England. I want a sexy travelling companion I want to take her shopping. I want her to be an older woman.

      That I will not waste my time on a woman who doesn’t want what I want. And, I won’t spend lots of time and money on a woman who doesn’t want to have sex with me. Especially I will not drive hundreds of miles just so that she can have the salad that she likes.

      So that’s me. at the end of 2018.




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