Life is an Illusion

There is no such thing as ultimate truth, truth is what we make it.

Why do you think the world is so complicated?  Why are our lives so difficult?  Why do we become addicted, angry, depressed, ill, stressed?  Why do we fall in and out of love?  Why do we love those who don’t love us?

If Einstein and other deep thinkers are to be believed, none of it is real anyway.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.  ~  Albert Einstein.

Einstein’s words reveal a deeper truth.  Everything we feel, see, hear, touch, and taste is within our own minds.  All of our innermost emotions and all of our truths exist only within our own minds.  Even the deepest emotions such as fear and love are created within us.  We actually have to learn to see and hear.  We have to learn to fear fire, snakes, lions, and abandonment.  We learn to love and we learn to hate somewhere before we are seven years of age, and then we spend the rest of our lives perfecting those emotions, up to the point that they can destroy us.

The deepest feelings we build within ourselves can destroy us, just as Dr. Frankenstein was destroyed by the monster he created.

There is a truism heard within 12-step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous;

Most folks are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.  ~  Abraham Lincoln, (allegedly).

Thus it follows that most folks can be just as addicted, angry, depressed, ill, stressed….. as they make up their minds to be.  For sure most people can be just as in love, or not in love as they really want to be.

But, and as Shakespeare said; ‘therein lies the rub’.  Reality is a habit, it’s what we accept, it’s what we’re used to, it’s what works for us right now.  So, if you’re an alcoholic it really is just a habit, albeit one that’s killing you, and something about that habit works for you right now.

Changing a deep-set habit is fucking damn difficult.  In fact your whole life is a set of deep-rooted habits, and changing all those really is fucking difficult.

But I’ve done it.  I changed my whole life and all of my ways of thinking around by believing these few words I said to myself; ‘I am a really cool guy, living a great life.’

If you are prepared to do whatever it takes you can change your whole life, including what is true or false.

Your reality is what you make it


jack collier

the value of money is illusory

cash has no real intrinsic value other than that which we give it


10 responses

  1. Stick with u .. no u stick with me … shucks… waving hand back at you thinking hmm smooth jack smooth lol

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  2. I agree life is exactly that Jack pardon the pun ha!

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    1. Stick with me Sweetheart, and you’ll do OK ❤

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  3. Ok, here is my take, why cant we!! Why is it that just because life said we have to live our life this way why cant we do the pollar opposite .? Think about it right just because some man told us once a man and a women must do it this way… we find it gospel to do it that way!! Why can both sexes have many lovers? Wives, husband, friends, children, ect.. why not instead of conforming why not empower urself and live

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    1. Franny, life is what you make of it. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. FUCK yeah Jack! But I also seek to make dollars so I can live off my rhetorical spirit. You’re travelling to California next, right? This Audrey is keen to HEPBURN a bunch of shit by your side, Greg. I’m ready whenever you’re ready to ride. 😎

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    1. Sounds Great ~ you’re at the top my my list to ride. ❤❤❤

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  5. Absolutely agree! I told myself I had to find a new permanent relationship after my divorce or I’d be lonely and miserable forever, and I was sad every week that passed when it failed to happen. Then I decided to be happy regardless! I told myself to find joy in friends and family and writing and all the other things I have that are good… and now I do! You just have to repeat it, as you say. That’s what religion teaches and it works.

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    1. 💖 I am so happy for you that things are working out. ❤


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