Unrealistic Standards

I like American women.  They do things that French women never do ~ like showering.

It occurs to me that my expectations are usually way off what is likely to happen, my manners and mores are ridiculously old-fashioned, and my standards are way too high for any girl to reasonably meet.  Does that make me wrong, or stupid, or just English?

Being an older English guy isn’t always a bed of roses.  And being a cool English guy in the USA can make one realise why England and America are two countries separated by a common language.  More than half the time American woman have no idea what the fuck hell I’m talking about.

On the other hand, dating an American woman is so much better than dating a Parisienne girl.  Body odour and the smell of cigarette smoke tend to follow them around like a personal raincloud.

I love American women.  Just not necessarily in New York.


jack collier


the circle line is cool too



15 responses

  1. The human mating dance is fun to watch.


  2. Scent is important. Guys here in the US (young ones) tend to wear a ton of AXE and it is nasty! Ladies can wear too much of that, as well. If I am with people and sneeze….it means I need to leave or I’ll get a headache.
    Clean is by far the sexiest odor.

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    1. If it doesn’t cost at least $50 an ounce it’s not worth a Lady wearing it. ❤

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      1. Yikes! 😳😳😳😳😳 that’s crazy.

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  3. Mmm just chuckling about the body odour. Seriously the worse place to be is in a supermarket queue in summer in France!

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    1. Most English guys wouldn’t think that a cool Parisienne girl smells a bit, in summer.
      But I do love la belle Francais. ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Gotta sample the other sisters too you know. There Ariel did have 6 sisters. Or you could dance the Mambo No. 5, a little but of other cultures than your own. LOL

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    1. I love that you are so fucking crazy.
      I am a very hot dancer. More Fred than Travolta.
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. I am a pretty garbage dancer, but I have the legs of one. I enjoy giving shit a go, I have the moves like jagger rather than ginger, but hey. I’m mercurial and can to do bend and ginger-snaps lol

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  5. The french dont shower? Hmm yes of course i think!

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    1. Stand in line with some French women.


  6. Hmm, well if u ask me we are all Assholes lol

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