Another Sunshine Vacation

Lanzerote; an island moulded by an artist.

If this scheduled post appears when I expect it to, then right now I’m at my local airport waiting to board a flight to Arrecife on Lanzarote, one of Spain’s Canary Islands.  I’m leaving behind weather in England that’s in the mid forty degrees, heading for sunshine and temperatures in the mid seventies.  What’s not to like?

And, it turns out that there’s an adults only beach just a short stroll from the hotel.  Shame that none of the people who read my posts ever wanted to vacation with me.  I will keep you all apprised.


jack collier

Marmy isn’t going anywhere that has an adults only beach

8 responses

  1. you are so cool Jack, traveling and the like and Marm should accompany as chaperone for all the ladies who may try to steal you and lock you in their own garret. Lovely posts, finally playing catchup. Wish I could come but married life awaits 🙂

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    1. Thank you Sweetheart. ❤
      Ahh married life would get in your way I guess. Shame. ❤❤❤


  2. So looking forward to seeing what you see! And I’d go in a second if I could. So, there!

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    1. The star’s are pretty bright in the clear Atlantic air…… 💝

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      1. ohmy!!!! I want to see them!

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