Lust for Life

Change your life today, act now without delay.

It seems to me that most people spend most of their time just piddlefucking around without having a clear idea of what it is they want to achieve, and without having any real plan to get wherever it is that they want to go in Life.  I’m pretty certain this is not because they don’t have wants, needs, dreams and desires, but perhaps it’s because their wants, needs, dreams, and desires are not well thought out in their own mind.

Consciously we may have an idea of what we want out of Life, but unless our conscious plans are totally backed by subconscious conviction we may as well just be whistling in the wind.

Recently I ‘decided’ that I am a really cool and charismatic guy, living a really great life ~ and so what?

Well, to begin with it means developing and maintaining some habits and rituals that support the conviction that I’m a cool guy living a great life, such as always looking sharp with bright eyes, clear skin, and a good haircut that suits my slightly preppy English style.  Getting to bed at a decent time every night, sleeping well, eating well, taking the right vitamin supplements, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, and avoiding unnecessary stress.  Every day I make certain that I read something challenging and inspirational, rest and meditate, and just take some time out for myself.

I have a ritual that each day I try to write something interesting, insightful, and perhaps controversial on this blog.  And, every day I take the time to stay in contact with some people that I care for, even if it’s just by email.  (I don’t use Facebook, twitter, or texts.)

And every second of every day, the conviction I have planted in my subconscious that; ‘Hey, I’m a cool and charismatic guy, living a really great life…..’ monitors my conscious thought, feelings, and actions, and every so often will let me know that I’m being a jerk.

Nobody is perfect, but now I fucking damn well know when I’m being a jerk, and I suddenly have a choice ~ go on being a jerk, or instead act like the cool and charismatic guy I know I am.  If I have to, I follow that old mantra;’fake it to make it’, and my natural exuberance spills out all over the place.

Tomorrow I’m taking another sunshine vacation, a week in the Spanish Canary Islands, and that’s because my idea of being a cool guy doesn’t involve hibernating in my garret through the English winter.  Instead I’m up for some fresh air and exercise in sub-tropical sunshine.

Some say that we should avoid strong emotions and deep feelings.  And, that it’s a sin to have our own personal desires and dreams.  All I know is that I have a real lust for life.


jack collier


show up on time for life

15 responses

  1. Fake it to make it works for me all the time too 🙂

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    1. I think you have made it Sweetheart 💖💖


  2. Like your style mate 👍

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  3. I’m trying to get my son to understand the “fake it until you make it” because he is always saying how he hates everything! Enjoy your trip 😀

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    1. Thanks Julie ❤
      If your son does understand 'fake it until you make it' then he's going to be decades ahead of most guys. ❤ ❤

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      1. Let’s hope so! 😀

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  4. You have a good plan!

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    1. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

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  5. Hmm piddlefucking around? that is GOLD!!! so bloody true

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      1. Your posts are very good Mr JC x

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        1. Thanks ever so sweetheart. ❤ 😉

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      2. I know “GOLD” hehehe oh ok yours is not bad, shucks… lol

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