The Sins of the Fathers

The sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children…..

Our parents told us to be wise, look ahead, be strong, don’t look back, get a job, be cool…..  That’s if we were lucky.  If we were unlucky they mostly ignored us, left us to fend for ourselves while they were out doing adult things.  If we were very unlucky we witnessed a dysfunctional relationship, totally filled with an utter lack of love.  For some it was worse than that, with one of their parents being an abusive alcoholic while the other merely acted as an enabler.  There will be blood on the lawns of those homes.

Children who had abusive parents, or were from dysfunctional families, would grow up with all kinds of mental problems; Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety and Depression.  Alcoholism, drugs, gambling, and other addictions are also common among adults who suffer from mental health problems created in their childhood.  The likelihood is that they will struggle with their own psychological and spiritual problems for all of their adult lives, mirroring the lives of their parents.  They too will find themselves in dysfunctional or abusive relationships, treatment centres, rehabilitation centres. and hospitals of one kind or another for one reason or another.  If they are wise they will not have children of their own.

I know this because I have suffered some of this, and I have also known many people who have suffered a less than ideal childhood and have turned out to be less than perfect adults and parents.  Sadly many of the suffering people I used to know are dead; alcoholism, drug use, accidents, sundry medical problems, suicide…..

If you’re suffering from anything I’ve mentioned above, you will also know that the caring professions are mostly fucking damn useless at helping people with mental illnesses or addictions of any kind.  You may get talking therapies, and you will probably be prescribed all kinds of nasty medication, neither of which will be of much help.  You may have tried 12-step recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon.  Not many stick around these 12-step groups for long.  But there is something that helped me.

One thing often said in these 12-step groups is; ‘fake it until you make it’, or ‘fake it to make it’.  In other words if what you want to be is a kind, caring, sober person, then ‘act as if’ you were that person.  This technique is widely accepted in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  And, keep telling yourself; ‘I am a kind, caring, sober guy’.  If you believe it, then you actually are that guy.  Self-talk does work.

It turns out that I believe my own self-talk ~ ‘I’m a cool and charismatic guy, living a really great life’.  I can be anyone and anything I want to be.  I can manifest any kind of life I want, need, desire, or dream of ~ providing I don’t give in to lusts or base emotions.

There has been blood in my garden, blood helps the flowers grow.


jack collier

in your race for self-destruction

stop to smell the flowers

7 responses

  1. There are many things I’m finally realising mum hurt me with. I managed to overcome so much with my own two hands and feet and faith, there is much yet to do! I’m proud of you, my friend, so very proud!

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    1. Thanks Kris. ❤
      I'm pretty damn proud of you too. ❤ ❤

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      1. Just melted all over my dining room table! lol

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  2. Well, written, all I can say JC well done! I couldn’t agree more… bless xx

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    1. Thank you sweetheart. ❤

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  3. If it’s not one thing it’s a mother & the closer to the truth you get the father and father away you are.

    So spoke the psychoanalysts of old. We can’t blame our parents for everything. There is value to be had in doing the scullery ash work of tending the souls garden. Psyche and Logos originally stands for the study of soya. So what you refer to as the talking profession is not about helping, but standing in observance of the initiatory route soul work will take us. Good luck in your journey and do remember to smell and or see the flowers in the meadow.

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    1. You have to laugh or you’d cry.
      Some say that if you give them the boy for seven years they will give you back the man.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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