The Rolling Stones on Vinyl

Analogue Music on Vinyl is So Much Better in every way.

Now that I’ve got back into playing proper records on a proper record player I’ve decided to fill in some gaps in my record collection ~ starting with The Rolling Stones.  Ergo I’ve just bout a remastered double album Hot Rocks 1964-1971….. was it all really that long ago?

Here’s some vintage stones for you.



jack collier

my new ablbum sounds fabulous played on my Thorens deck

5 responses

  1. This song satisfies me. The best song ever.

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    1. You have to have it black.

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  2. They are coming here next year. I would go, I don’t want to pay the extortion prices though!

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    1. I think I’d pay to take my friend to see the stones. ❤

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