An Englishman in Albuquerque

true friendship makes the most of the good in life

New Mexico in November is very bleak, very cold, and very unforgiving ~ and you can trust me on that one, because I’ve been there for the past week.  It’s not the kind of country you would choose to spend time in the late autumn unless you had a damn good reason.  Such as attending some important conference, except the conference I was at was called a retreat.

After the retreat ended on Sunday I opted to spend another couple of days out here in the high desert, first visiting Santa Fe, and then heading back to Albuquerque to hop a flight back to Orange County CA tomorrow.  Despite the cold, snow, and hard harsh countryside, I’m glad that I had the chance to see even just the tiniest part of this vast state.

The experience reinforced in my mind just how different America and Americans are from the life experiences of an average Englishman such as me.  That’s a good thing.  I need to know that there are other standards of behaviour and ways of doing things than the English way, than the way I would customarily do stuff.

A cool guy should be able to fit into any strange situation, including America, without either making a fool of himself or losing his identity.  A very cool guy should be able to be charming, honest, open, and capable of talking with anyone, including Americans from New Mexico.  It’s easy to relate to people who are similar to you, but not so easy for an Englishman in Albuquerque.

The watchword is that I need to lose my prejudices, and accept that some people really like to try to connect and have a conversation with someone they have only just met.  Or, to put it another way, when in America, do as the Americans do ~ it is their country after all.

Some say that all American men should grow up and stop acting like a high-school freshman all the time.  And, that learning to properly eat with a knife and fork would improve the average American’s manners no end.  All I know is that America is a cool place, and Americans are really nice people, if you just accept them on their own terms.


Jack Collier


2 responses

  1. Santa Fe sounds like a place full of hot girls from melodramas…sigh 😉🕺🕺
    But maybe it’s just my poor imagination destroyed by television 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was really too damn cold to see any hot girls. But there were some cute women wearing some nice cold-weather outfits in the cool little restaurant where I had lunch. I’d go back to Santa Fe.
      Thanks for your cool comment 😎💖💖


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