The Subconscious Mind

What we think and believe, we become.

Here in New Mexico, yesterday I learned some powerful stuff, part of which was an exploration of how the brain works, specifically how the subconscious mind works.  Starting with the hard science of up-to-the-minute biochemistry and the structure of the brain, and going right down to the way our subconscious mind controls our actions, I was shown some advanced tools to help me in my day to day life.

It seems that the influence of our subconscious mind (95%), far outweighs the control our conscious mind has over our actions  (5%).  Think about it, our subconscious mind runs walking, talking, driving, deciding how we get to where we are going, what we think about people, and all the other daily actions we take for granted.  Our conscious mind does the creative stuff.

The snag is that a lot of what is in our subconscious got there before we were old enough to decide what was good, bad, or terrible – much of our unconsciousness was filled up with feelings, opinions, beliefs….. before we were 7 years old.  A lot of what is in my subconscious are things I would really prefer not to be there – for example fear of abandonment.

I would really like to change some of the things in my subconscious, but that is a very long and difficult task – like learning to drive, truly changing my belief systems will take a lot of time and effort.  If you play a sport, just think how long it took you to get good at it, that’s how long it takes an adult like me to implant something complex into my subconscious mind.

And you can’t just think it, you have to believe in it and do it – practice how you want your subconscious mind to be, don’t just think about it do it and believe in it.

Belief is more powerful than reality, but no matter how much you believe you can fly, you can’t.

Jack Collier

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  1. Actually I have to say your right and perhaps you need to trust yourself a little more change is and can alter within a second.. you have to train ur brain to want to let go

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    1. It seems that I am resisting change because I don’t want to acknowledge the pain that lies at the bottom of my cynicism, defensiveness, and negativity. Good changes will happen, but maybe only when I’m ready. 💖

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      1. That could be true Jack, for myself, I guess my biggest was that I thought I had dealt with so many things in my past but, I seemed to have a habbit of tunnel vision, this is because of if I saw everything I will lose and have loss so I ignored it and I didnt want to hurt anyone around me and myself.. i had enough of hurt… luckly it was noticed so my journey became a little more intense it shocked the shit out of me… i had been hurt by a male he had drugged me via my food… i didnt know..i couldnt walk, talk move and had thought i was out for 2 hours turned out more.. and the guy had put too much in and I odied.. anyway.. what occurred was a very dangerous occurrance after … i didnt know that i was still suffering i met my husband and i never told him but, i had thought something went wrong with him…wrong guy.. luckly this came out this year.. i was devoed and he knew i didnt mean to hurt him but, i knew i did.. and i felt like a shit… i am very lucky he forgave me and my past came back like a tone of bricks…. long story.. motto of the story when your ready to go back and revisit areas of suffering and hurt.. do it for you … it will save your life…. like it did me

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        1. That is so dreadful, my heart goes out to you. ❤
          Some guys are just utter b astards, and nothing can ever make them any better or change them. Date rape is a despicable thing.
          It’s natural to want to block out bad stuff from the past, and it’s also natural not to want to share your bad experiences, especially with people you care about.
          Right now, this minute, I am beginning to move on from things that happened to me before I was 5 years old.
          Be strong, and be well. 💖💖💖

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          1. You too anything in people’s past can be devastating yes but that’s the key jack never let anything define you or your journey going forward .
            So when u do acknowledge it take your time ….then let that part go… this is the only way to live a life happy.. it’s hard however, I’m sure when ur ready take it slow jack .. life can cement resentment and that can affect your path going forward so u take care too

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      2. i wanted to share this with you becaue it is so important for you to heal yourself… so you can be empowered a live a better life.. just some words of advise… thought i woul share this with you so i hope it helps

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        1. You have helped me immensely. ❤❤❤

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