Remember, Remember

Remember the 5th of November, Treason and Gunpowder Plot

Today England, London, remembers the 1605 Catholic Plot by Guy Fawkes and his cronies to blow up the Houses of Parliament while King James the First, the Lord’s, and Members of Parliament were all in there.  The plot failed and Guy Fawkes was sentenced to death by being hung, drawn, and quartered.  Luckily for Fawkes he either fell, or was pushed, from the scaffold before his sentence could be carried out.

England still celebrates Guy Fawkes death to this very day.  The English are obsessive when it comes to remembering things.

I Remember…..  I am blessed / cursed with a near ‘eidetic memory’ – I hardly ever forget anything, except names which I seem to forget on purpose  This says a lot about my psyche and the Borderline Personality Disorder that goes along with it.

On the upside, this makes me very effective, efficient, organised…..  The penalties are that I remember every hurt, betrayal, and negative emotion as though these bad things were happening right now.  I become angry, jealous, paranoid, and almost suicidal over things that happened days, weeks, years ago.  This leads me into doing really stupidly bad things just to assuage the hurt.

Nobody can be happy living the way I was living.  It’s hard enough just to go on existing if you are living the way I was.

I tried to teach myself to forget.  That did not work.

Instead I taught myself how to accept and understand.  Accept that shit happens, and understand that past trauma cannot actually hurt me in the here and now.

How did I teach myself to let go of the past?  Through a lot of hard work, patience, and self-love.  I took care of my health and fitness in body, mind, and spirit.  And finally I learned to be open, honest, and forgiving of myself and others.

I will write more of my journey from the hellish rock-bottom I managed to reach, to the sunlit  meadow by the sea that I live in today.

Some say that we should never forgive and never forget.  And that revenge is a dish best served cold.  All I know is that nobody likes an obnoxious, misanthropic, angry jerk.

Jack Collier


Mr. Hyde is a dangerous place to be

11 responses

  1. Would be easy to forget if history was unrepeatable.

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    1. History always repeats itself.


  2. My past is beginning to seem a bit distant now thanks to reading about yourself.. thank you… nice to see I am not alone in this world x

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    1. Thank you Sweetheart. Glad to know that my musings may have given you some comfort ❤❤

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  3. Acceptance is very important… I love this post 🙂 very useful for my “Cognitive psychology” study too 🙂

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    1. Cognitive Psychology sounds great. I’m glad you liked my post, but I’m even more glad that it was useful. 😎❤❤❤

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      1. yes, I think when you are talking about your experiences – you describe them from the ‘outsider’-position. that’s a great part

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  4. Honesty is the only place left for me to go.
    It’s good to have a friend, even if they are half a world away. ❤❤❤

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  5. Wow, very, very honest, thank you for sharing Jack, I so understand, I am glad your better ? Sharing this is helping me too xx

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