Scenes on Sunday – California

I’m just a staid English guy being cool in Orange County

Today I am in sunny Orange County, where it’s still a balmy 80 degrees.  I like California, it might just be the nicest crazy place I know.

Jack Collier

Wednesday I fly out to New Mexico

at least I’ll be staying at a cool hotel

13 responses

  1. It’s so beautiful there we love it.

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  2. Every thought of moving to USA . Sounds lot better than the Garrett. Morse Sunny weather than the UK ?
    Sounds like people lot better than the British save you lot of travelling expenses
    Sounds a lot happier when your on vacation.
    Just idea.
    Always seems down when your home in Garrett.

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    1. I like Southern California – the weather, the beaches, some of the people…..
      But, I’d never want to live here. ❤☺😊😎❤

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  3. Beautiful! Make your way over to Miami. South Beach is calling!

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    1. Meet you in Daytona 💖💖💖

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      1. Oh, that sounds good, at the boardwalk. 🏝😊

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  4. And you’ll let me know if you decide to come to Houston? 🙂

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  5. I’m SO Jealous!!! Enjoy every second!

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  6. Jack you are such an amazing photographer! You never disappoint!

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    1. Thanks sweetheart 😊
      I’m going to make your meatball recipe in a minute.

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