Getting what you want

Life is too short to waste and too long to endure.

Being on vacation gives one time to ponder deep thoughts, and right now I need to focus on the small steps I can take to improve my life.  Because, despite what you might think, not everything in my garden is sunshine and flowers.  Sometimes the flowers wilt, and often the sky is grey.

I’m pretty certain I know who I truly am and what I want, up to and including defining and fulfilling my life purpose, but how do I make it all happen in ways that are congruent with me and acceptable to the important others in my life?

It would seem to be about courage, having faith in myself, and really taking positive actions – however difficult the warrior’s path may seem that’s the way I need to go.  It’s time to get more clarity and investigate the important commitments in this present period in my journey.

I need to stop acting emotionally, because my emotions are seldom under control.  Instead I should act intellectually because I have, and can use, all the accumulated information / knowledge to get exactly what I want, need, and desire.  That’s not always going to be a comfortable process.

But, you know what?  I am much happier, and work better when I am well outside of my comfort zone.  For example I should have gone parasailing in Turkey, instead of just taking pictures of it.

Jack Collier


I will do this next year

6 responses

  1. Well said and beautifully written ! Your article made my day ! xoxo

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    1. Hey thank you – your comment has made my day.

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  2. Life is getting shorter and shorter. Finding a need to have new experiences and make new memories.😊

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    1. Good for you 💖
      I’m making some cool new memories right now 😎

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      1. That is SO GOOD to hear. 😁

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  3. Well done Jack, life is short and by the time u even are aware hun it’s all over enjoy, embrace and kick that spoon x

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