Songs on Saturday ~ Robert Palmer

A woman in love with her life is simply irresistible to men.



utterly sexual

just unthinkable

you’re unforgivable

love’s lust permissible

passions understandable

she’s just simply irresistible



jack collier


Some other sorts of women seem to be irresistible to some sorts of impressionable men

It’s really understandable

7 responses

  1. I love that song….miss poor Robert, sigh.

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    1. Great song, super sexy video. ❤ ❤ 😉

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  2. excellent song I must say

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  3. I agree now the problem is getting it in these womens heads… jesus its like believe in the impossible dream… one day they too will see the light…….sheeeeeesh I really don’t envy men hard difficult and very did I say hard? oh yes, I did, oh well, hmmm how do we spread this dream to other women?

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    1. Sometimes women can make things hard for a guy….. ❤

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      1. Jesus really wow…… a blind person can even see what is in front of him/her seriously

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      2. Always remember that instant connection is always instant.. my advise is consistantly honest.. that way u cannot mask yourself

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