She’s Irresistible To Men

The women we’re not supposed to have are the most irresistible.

Some women are literally almost irresistible to some men, and if you’re a guy that’s scary…..  And usually the best thing you can do is get far away from her, as soon as possible.  I can practically guarantee you that if you find a woman irresistible you’re going to end up broken and burned and wishing you could forget her.  And you know what?  You never will.

Maybe I’ll live so long I’ll forget her.  Maybe I’ll die trying.  ~

The Lady from Shanghai

But what makes a woman irresistible to a man?  I’d like to say it depends, but mostly it doesn’t.  And it isn’t all about looks, although the way she looks is important.  Some of the things that can make a woman irresistible to a guy are;

  • She knows what she wants, and she’ll do just about anything to get it.
  • She has a sophisticated and cultured outlook on life, including her sense of humour, conversation, dress sense, makeup, and manners.
  • She’s direct, forthright, and down to earth, quite prepared to call a spade a fecking shovel if she needs to.
  • She is fit and healthy, preferably an ideal weight for her height, she has some muscle definition, and she knows how to walk well.
  • Sexually she’s not only damn good, she’s also passionate, adventurous, and funny.
  • She doesn’t spend all her time on social media when she is supposed to be with you.
  • She doesn’t ever flirt with other guys when she’s supposed to be with you.
  • She doesn’t expect you to get to know and like her family or friends.
  • She never, ever talks about her past and her ex lovers.
  • In some strange way she has that indefinable magic that makes her utterly charming.
  • She likes kissing you, and she kissed you first.

I was born when you kissed me.  I died when you left me.  I lived a few weeks while you loved me.  ~  Humphrey Bogart

And let’s face it…..  most women are irresistible to most men anyway, no matter what.

Some say that what a women likes most in a man is that he’s tall, funny, well-behaved, and attentive.  And that good manners go a long way to making a woman like a guy.  All I know is that money changes everything.


jack collier


It’s fun to be rich

you get to meet all kinds of unsuitable women

10 responses

  1. It is a high call to even think a female could be irresistible to men, I believe that is a very high expectation that any women would probably say, back it down a bit… I believe there can be a simular like between each men and women a chemistry, respect, understanding and many other factors but, who would want to be irresistible… 1 man is a handful two would be well enjoyable and I would do it again and again if it was what my guts says… lol

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  2. well written very funny and true x

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    1. Thank you Sweetheart.
      Although not everyone agrees with us.
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. You are setting yourself up to fall with this one Jack.

    You cannot box any attribute in with your own definitions, because no one can ever meet every single one of them. People are unique and do not fall into categories. Jack, you will always be disappointed if you have tick boxes against your women friends.

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    1. In other words, Irresistibility is really addiction! ❤️

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      1. I don’t have tick-boxes for any of my friends ~ male or female. And, that list was actually written by a woman. ❤


        1. She is wrong then! 😉❤️

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  4. Not to be bitchy but that list sounded unattainable to the average women. For my sake I hope it’s not always true 😀

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    1. Any woman with even one of the attributes on that list would be irresistible to most men ~ and anyhow most women are irresistible to most men most of the time, without needing to check off any lists. ❤


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