courtship and romance

Life is a matter of courtship, wooing, romance, flirting, and dancing.


relationships and friendships may not last

personality and character sometimes alter

feelings attitudes may come from the past

be strong, be brave, be fast, do not falter

kind faithful honest honourable steadfast

and in time, with luck, you may yet win her

heart’s affections and her soul’s truest love


jack collier

embrace courtly love

embrace your lover and dance

11 responses

  1. Wow Jack that is great insight! 💕

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    1. Thank you cloud walker. My post this Sunday is about clouds. ❤

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  2. Sorry let me use better language…perhaps be great mates first then life is a experience and always surround yourself with an open mind and never hang out with my neurotic hubby cuz he’s a bad influence and may teach you bad habits for his sport

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    1. I’m not so happy hanging out with neurotic people. ❤

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      1. Hmmm debatable and questionable reply total respect totally understand

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  3. Hmm, Oh wise owl… do tell me your ways of the world.. this should take hmmm with using my own humour … hopefully taken well.. humour that is.. this should take about 6 lines on a post…. well done… is this why your life is about food, regret of tell kids that their taste in tv is shit.. good boy… i like your style and honesty.. nothing wrong with that… now your current post.. lovely and obviously it must be your vast experience with romantic occations on this god saken planet called becareful who you date or you might end up in jail…….. hehehe joke

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    1. One thing I’m brilliant at is not dating women. ❤

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      1. Hmmm, well, men is your thing your very open honest it must be very simple when it comes to the sex bit… “you say hi, they say this is where i want you to put it”!!! joking

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        1. Nope, not at all interested in guys. I just find it hard to find women I like who also like me ~ typical single guy story ❤


          1. Well, cry me a river….. boo hoo

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