Analogue Music

Music is the tonal analogue of emotive life.

A few days ago I bought a couple of Florence + the Machine albums ~ and we’re talking about 12 inches of black vinyl.  Consequently I had to power up the turntable and fiddle with my amp a little before I played Lungs.  The first couple of notes of Dog Days Are Over came pounding out of my big speakers and HOLY FUCK!

I had forgotten just how much better the full-fat analogue version of a track is in comparison with the wimpy, cut-down, digitised version of the same tune.  As a matter of a fact analogue is literally infinitely better than digital.  Truly it blows your mind!

Even TechRepublic says that digital is nothing more than a cut-down version of the original analogue recording ~ they grudgingly admit that analogue is better than digital, as far as recorded music is concerned.

There are a couple or three snags with my playing proper records;

  1. The sound quality is so good it DEMANDS your attention.  Playing proper records is not really ‘background music’.
  2. Playing proper records is more labour intensive than sticking a cd in the player.
  3. You need to handle your records with great care.

On the other hand there are some side benefits to proper long-playing records, such as the album sleeves are works of art in themselves, worthy of sticking in a frame and hanging on the wall.

I Like my proper records ~ a lot.  It’s almost spiritual.

Trust me on this one, take a woman back to your place, play a couple of proper records, and listen to her purrrrr.

Just don’t get anal about it ~ analogue music I mean.


jack collier


you can’t / shouldn’t play decent records on an old tin box


2 responses

  1. I agree with you Jack. Analogue does sound better. There are lots of things it can do that digital can’t. For instance we’ll never get a true AI except in an analogue computer.

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    1. There’s an off the wall comment about AI….. 😉
      But I completely agree with you.
      Kudos for a great thought.


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