Through a Glass, Darkly

From Hell’s heart I can almost see future’s truth.


as in a winter mirror

I perceive my soul

shadowed not clearly

reflected never whole

my world nearly gone

the invisible and unholy

through a glass, darkly

I see the eternal terror

of living without her


jack collier


if you’re walking through Hell,

keep going.


6 responses

  1. ha, the magnet on my fridge says Be Nice or Leave 🙂 it keeps visitors in check (or gone) haha.

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  2. Don’t be a tortured soul…know that you are loved. Free your soul. Let it soar freely! Plan your next holiday adventure😀


  3. However cool I seem on the surface, deep down I guess I’m still a tortured soul.
    Thank you for the ‘blessing’ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Wow, that is pretty real… seems beautiful however, a little lonely… bless

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  5. Aww. This is deep. A soul is lost without the other half of his heart. I can really relate to the emotion in this poem.


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