Inclement Weather Can Kill You

The English love talking about the weather.

It’s odd that we English spend so much time talking about the weather.  English weather is almost never extreme, almost always temperate, and usually a depressing grey colour.  I’ve just got home from the blue skies and warm Mediterranean sunshine of Crete and the weather in England this morning is manky.  It’s not raining right now, but give it an hour.

All that rain and very ordinary temperatures is why England is so green.

Other parts of the world are not so lucky.

The Eastern seaboard of the United States is about to be hit by the monster Hurricane Florence, bringing 140 mph winds and a couple of feet of rain.  Right on the coast the storm surge could raise sea levels by 15 or 20 feet.  This weather is deadly dangerous and more than 1.5 million people are being forcibly evacuated.

In most immediate danger are the Carolinas and Virginia , but the whole of the Eastern seaboard from South Carolina northwards are in danger.  Not only that, hurricanes are fickle, Florence could change direction at any time.

This is weather of catastrophic biblical proportions, exactly the kind of weather we don’t get here in England.

If you are in the danger area, then my prayer is that you will come through safely.

Jack Collier


Inclement; severe, harsh, cold, wet, and unpleasant


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  1. Hey you, we don’t get weather like you guys like that a storm maybe, cyclone yes, however, that is about it…. touch wood….


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