Vacation’s Romances

If you can’t find sex under a blue sky, you can’t find it anywhere.


heat relaxing

sunshine good times

high clear deep bluest sky

new friends open conversations

food wine music party suntanned girls

strolling sightseeing swimming sunbathing

dancing talking kissing friends romance love sex

late summer Mediterranean vacation’s fond memories

seem mostly of fleeting romance, transient love, casual sex

Jack Collier

not that casual sex on vacation is to be approved of

4 responses

  1. Only thirty horses drink boiling water

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    1. ‘Thirsty’
      Only man could have invented auto correct that always gets it wrong.


  2. Casual sex will likely result in an embarrassing visit to the doctor these days. Not worth the aggro. 😉


    1. I had not even thought of that. ❤


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